28 May 2009

In the name of Freedom & Justice

People, You may say we are not yet come of age, And we are cracking a joke, Or telling a cock and bull story, But people please listen to us, The truth is it is far from it, We just want some justice and freedom, We want to draw blood of some men in the ruling government, Those who only know to feather their nests, They who hold our tongues all these donkey's years. We maybe a little carried away in doing a man's job, We maybe are in a dangerous ground, But we know our stuff, This is today's burning question, And we are by all means not the ones who fiddle while Rom burns, Hey people, We must know which side our bread is buttered, They are now suddenly jump out of their skins of losing another battle in the poll. So people do something, Enough with our talks, Because words are cheap though, It is time to put some efforts into it, It is time we walk the talk, As actions speak louder than words. People, Don't ever be those who nip in the bud, You neither want to be the rotten apple nor be called no backbone, As we can no longer wait and let the grass grow under our feet, Stand up and be counted, Don't wait to see which way the wind blows, If so just vote with your feet, We will walk tall and do this alone. For justice and freedom, We just do what we can, Rom was not built in a day, We sure can do this for labour of love. We are all not born fighters, But just be sure we are man enough to do something, To free some men detained under the repressive law, They must be innocent until proven guilty, They who have been accused but denied their rights to speak up for themselves, Leaving beloved families no shoulder to cry on, Who are helping them when they really need fairy godmother so badly? We know blood is thicker than water, And home is where the heart is, It is no different to those families whose husbands are now behind bars. We, in the name of justice and freedom, are all humans after all, Have a heart for those in need by supporting this cause, Let's come together and join us, We sure will push this fight till we are dead-beat, We know it is never going to be a bed of roses, It seems we can't have one cake and eat it too, So that is why we need all the supports, We must be all for one and one for all, Come what may, God willing all's well that ends well.

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