22 October 2009

Reformasi PAS 2009~12

It is time to call out a war,
A reform within PAS supremacy,
Change the top guns for the better future,
To justify "PAS for all" motto,
To some this'd be an unthinkable issue,
Please gather all the facts needed,
They who engage with our usual suspects (UMNO),
Please realise they can't be our protagonists, 
They'll soon cause us all dear,
When we'll have to pay for what they're doing,
They might look like such angels from the heaven,
But believe me they're not,
Maybe not as bad as the damned satans,
We can't afford to play the waiting game,
They'd ruin everything we've built,
Before it's too late to fix it, 
So together let's us all face them,
Just get some actions right,
Till they're scared away!


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