10 February 2010

Halal? Haram? What ares what nots?

As a muslim, even you're in a Muslim country, it should be noted that any food product is not necessarily or a guarantee that it is completely Halal. In fact, we often eat our food without proper checking of its ingredients. Let me guide you to what is Halal & what is not?

Barrack Obama? NO..not about him, albeit, some might say it's HALAL to kill him? I've no comment on that. Suit yourself. Actually, we're talking about smoking cigarettes. It's basically MAKRUH....but you can opt to HARAM so that you can quit smoking. Normally when come to this term many can completely quiting smoke soon. Still want to smoke? Yeah sure u can. I personally have no objection what so ever. Hehehe 
<---- Hey, how do i look?

Bacon :    A side of pig meat (pork) - Definately, HARAM although slaughter the pig with Islamic way.

Lard :       Fat from swine particulaly found in the abdominal cavity - Totally HARAM for us.

As for Jennifer 'LARD' Hewitt (as in picture) what about her?  Oh it's not what we used to see of her. So what? No LOVE? Still haram to see her in that outfit? Yeah whatever.

Gelatin (Jello Gelatin) :   
Usually of animal origin, mostly from pig. HARAM, but if extracted from a *dhabiha animal (*is the prescribed method of ritual slaughter of all animals excluding camels, locusts, fish and most sea-life per Islamic law), then it is HALAL.
                                                       Pepsin :    A digestive enzyme mostly from pig stomach -
                                                                        Defo, HARAM.

                                                      Vanilla :    Extracted using alcohol - So, HARAM too.

                                                      Whey   :    Used in ice creams and yogurt.
                                                                       Only HARAM when from animal source.

How about the creature on left? Ask JAKIM. See if the 'SIJIL HALAL' has been issued. Normally when there is a JAKIM's SIJIL HALAL or its LOGO HALAL albeit the photocopied one, Malay people tend to eat with no hesitation. Free & easy. 

PEPSI? Coca-cola? Ask JAKIM too.

This rat is HARAM for you to eat too. If halal, would you eat?

I'd stop now to puke .... Any Haram Halal matter or Haram jadah, please ask any authority concerned, like PPIM  by calling them at these numbers:  603-4256 6618, 603-4257 7222,

or CAP, or consult any Islamic clerics, or ustadz or ustazah or even browsing seom info in website of JAKIM.


  1. Yang halal jelas yang haram jelas, yang tak jelas tu 'halam' (cpj kata).Jadi bila halam sudah tentu bukan halal@tidak halal.Jadi tinggalkan yang halam.hehe...

  2. hehe..jug hati-hati makan mee hailam ...mana tahu kot tak berapa nak halal? hehe

    orang kita senang saja nak kena main ya? Atau memang gitu hendak syariat? Asal ada Logo Halal Jakim (walaupun main cetak saja), makan. Asal kedai makan bukan Islam tu ada Sijil Halal Jakim, makan. Jangan syak lagi? Jangan tak makan? hehe


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