06 June 2010

Football Fan-tastics

Such a fever is attacking the population of the world this summer. Many have been infected. The 'virus' outbreak is believed to be from the republic nation of South Africa. It is of that prestigious World Cup 2010. Hundreds of million of people around the world are now in a frenzy mood. This 'fever' is seriously attacking them right into their heads making them like people in dire need of help or high on drugs. They have suddenly changed in personality in no time. That's magical about football. But beware! Be extra careful. A gigantic ball or 2 could coming your way & hit some buildings. Hey wait a second! Where do they come from anyway? Planet football?

Football & hooligan come hand in hand. Hard to separate them both when the fans are so much in it. Are they drunk? Passionate? Devoted? Devout like football is their religion? Their God? Still they are just bunch of yobs with inane sporting spirit at all. They just going to seriously bugging the opposition fans' feeling as the tension of the game mounts, simply boiling their own balls heads in the process. They should be banned from entering the venue avoiding all sorts of problems these mobs could cause & they just apparently give the football the bad name. Luckily, many ordinary fans are right-minded. All they brood all the times is the wonderful of the game. They would just want to enjoy their moments with pals or family going to the stadium while cheering & supporting their team. They wear their favourite shirts or jerseys, waving their flags, singing & roaring their team's players to perform & try to win the game. 

In a stadium all fans sit rounding the pitch to watch the anticipated event. They are fans coming from all over the places. Worldwide. Hardcore fans never want to miss the fabulous environment & thrill, in & off the field. Presumption for a nation's glory. Embrace understanding to unnamed. Embrace love to unloved. Embrace unity to diversities. It all there for all & every single fan to get a boot. This game is loved by all walks of life, from as little as 2 years old boy. Amazing what a football can do. When the ball is kicked or headed in the back of the net, imagine a 70-year grown up man could be like a school boy, cheering, dancing & like jumping to the roof. Fans would be chanting, singing football songs, calling names to players on the pitch. Occasionally to the referees. They swear, "Idiot! The ref must be blind, that wasn't outside!", or, "F***, that's not a fault!".

Some people can be a bit weird & reckless at the same time. Maybe the fever level that is eventually cracking them up. They mean no harm. They live things up & make the atmosphere in the stadium so unbelievably remarkable. They come in with some fashion, set the unique ambiance & endless excitement in today's football. Many just love singing out loud, whistling noisily & some quarters may opt to rant for endlessly. Some men could be out there on the stadium's terraces with colourful team jerseys, flags, without their tops showing, unashamedly, their fat bellies & boobs hairy chests. Nothing sexy to my many likings. Amazingly, some women are so daring too. What are they thinking of? Any of them would be the usual suspects who would be invading the pitch, running naked across it, consequently, interrupting the game. Hey, where are the stewards? Why are they so enthusiastic? Perhaps the heat gets to their heads.  Apparently, many football games played under the sun, hot sunny afternoon. So it must be quite hot out there. Don't you think so? 

Thus it has becoming a trend these days to come in colour of your support according to their national's flag. A German lady comes in red & black. A Bra-silia lass would be great in it's traditional yellow & green outfit. Some do their hair with some styles, paint their faces, chests & all over their bodies. Some have their tattoo to mark the special occasions. Presumably, that is the wonderful of this modern era football. 

Football games pretty much dependent on the local weathers. Some games are to be postponed due to bad weathers like a snow bizarre. Always little rain never going to thwart the scheduled game. If it is raining heavily players on the pitch & some of the fans, if not all, will all be in no a mood in the wet. Unless something unbelievable happens to hot thing up. Must be something worthy to end the dull waiting game. How about an exotic kiss goodbye in the end of the game, huh? Ouch! 


  1. Judi punya pasal, dah kurang mood pasal piala dunia nih!...hehe..

  2. Judi tak ke mana. Yang menang pun tak ke mana kalau dia terus bertaruh nasib lagi, mungkin next time dia kalah & kalah lagi pulak.

    Yang kalah tetap kalah di mana saja walau ada lesen walau tak ada lesen (gelap/haram). Yang nak berjudi tetap akan pinjam ah long atau ceti mana mana...apatah lagi yang kalah tetap bersemangat untuk berjuang lagi untuk "Main untuk menang" walau dah kalah byk kali & berhutang beribu ribu (atau berjuta) RM pun.. sapa dapat lesen saja tetap menang & untung..Berbilion RM pulak tu..Katakan la Berpuluh juta RM pun...tu net income, sudah kena 'cuci' sama kerajaan & bayar bil lain.

    Baik kita tengok saja 'live' mana team bola yang main best..Kurang-2 kita boleh buat cerita, modal untuk rujukan & motivasi kpd bebudak sekolah atau pelapis masa hadapan bolasepak negara pengganti Santokh Singh, Soh Chin Aun, Mokhtar Dahari, Ghani Minhat, Khalid Ali, Zainal Abidin, Azizul Abu Haniffah, Arumugam, James Wong, Hassan Sani dll tu. Just to name a few. Byk lafi yang bagus & berjaya engharum M'sia di peringkat Asean hingga Asia. Patutnya mereka ini jadi orang penting dalam FAM bukan boneka, pengampu & pencacai yg ada sekarang. Damn!

  3. Tertinggal pemain perak yang diminati syed ahmad!...masa tu, cpj baru dalam buaian tapi dah tenguk gandingan melayu, cina, india dan singh mencipta sejarah bola sepak tanah air!kihkihkih...
    sekarang, bagi free pun letak kat kerusi VIP di stadium, cpj tak hingin!...

  4. Cpj nak mintak hanz buanglah gambar tak senonoh di blog hanz ni, bukan apa, cpj selalu datang, bila selalu tenguk rasa macam nak kawin lagi satu...kihkihkih...

  5. hah! yg mana 1? hehe...tau..ok nanti hanz buang apa yg tak patut...tq.

  6. oh zaman Syed Ahmad main bola Hanz tak beranak lagi le tu...ato kecik halus lagi belum tahu apa apa pasal bola kot..tu yg tertinggal nama dia tu... Fandi Ahmad gua tahu la...sorang lagi K Kannan. Teman ingat-ingat teman jatuh cinta & terus minat bola pun lepas tengok bola World Cup '82 di Itali. Paulo Rossi le perkenalkan kat teman bola ni. pastu '86 teman udah tunggu depan tv sejam sebelum kick-off pun. Taim tu Maradona le sape lagi yg lincah macam lipas kudung kat atas padang tu? hehe


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