13 September 2010

The List Goes On & On .. of Missing People due to Gruesome Murders in Malaysia

Whew... this is Altantuya Shaariibuu. The late Altantuya. How on earth such an eyes-catching stunning model could boil some balls went nut? Mystery it was & still is. Masterpiece that was blown to pieces. 

Latest incident might be Sosilawati, 47?
What going on with some people's head? Really must get checked and be quarantined before daring to do such inhuman-cum-sinful acts. Who are the bandits of such a plot? Why the culprits are still on loose? We must seek justice for them by doing something. We must catch these 'satans' anyhow. ASAP.


  1. tak tahu lepas ni siapa pulak...beware of ?...

  2. M'sia bukan aman sebenarnya...imo... Tu teman rasa la, cpj. Terbuka untuk dibantah atau kepada apa apa cadangan bernas lain. Allahu aklam.


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