24 September 2010

Mahathir who? Go to h*** with your theory ...

Just admit it mister, though intuitively many of us would like to appreciate any of your good contributions to the nation,  it was also your, i repeat, YOUR undoing of what today's Malays are. Divided in many walks of life with many are still frighted to live freely but to seek & linger on UMNO's 'bestow' & news daily? Remember what you did to Kelantanese Malays from PAS whilst you're in power? Discrimination. Anti-federalism? As i am being kind, so please stop all your ramblings & just eat your humble pie, mister "Melayu (is he?) Mudah Lupa", eh! 

UMNO loses meaning the Malays lose the power? Just like, not so many years ago in your reign, people did believe that of Malaysia = Mahathir? Yeah, it's right really to certain degree but then who actually beat these UMNO candidates? Definitely PAS, their arch rivals. See, it is so understatement. PAS are mainly Malay-cum-Muslim reps, right? So, what the heck you come up with that idea. Bullock!  

Don't ever you try to intimidate the average Malays anymore. Please don't be willing the dumb-ass Malays in UMNO on your conspicuous interest -  the wrong agenda, too.  No time to harm your pride nomore. You must know, at your very age, now you must make up the lost time & be prepared for your own good in the afterlife, imo.  Move on, mister. 


  1. compare to him.. who are u to asked mahathir who? dumb ass! god bless Tun Mahathir..

  2. every1 entitled to his opinion ..or hers. Am welcome yours with a pinch of salt. Ahaks!

    so to speak, Tun fucking M is also a human after all so he'd commit some (dearly) mistakes here & there. So be it. Take it on yer chin or just hell with my or yer opinions...ha ha ha.

    btw, which God bless him? Ho ho ho~!

  3. Ah, forgot 1 thing ... people like you should (or is it a must?) read more & fairly evaluate all the news, issues et al, mainly on today's politic. Don't just suck all government-controlled (UMNO-BN) media want us to know.

    For a change go read:


    happy to read?


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