11 September 2010

Syawal Bulan Bermaafan, justeru, Penulis Memohon Maaf kepada UMNO.....

...as i can't help BUT to have a pun on some arrogants @  U*** leaders. Perutusan Aidil Fitri from our PM, DS Najib & all his allies, for an instant, is really a joke. Though the speech have a point it is still hilarious, least to say. Attention, PM is for Prime Ministress, Rose-mah, not for a shemale like DS Najib. He is supposedly our Prime Minister of Malaysia Government but such is his life. He is just the President of U*** the only place where he has more solid power to control all those muppets, nationwide.
"Kita bebas dari peperangan, konflik, penindasan mahupun bencana alam seperti mana yang dialami atau melanda sesetengah saudara seakidah di seluruh pelusuk dunia,” katanya dalam perutusan Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Oh yeah? Dependent on how you see it, my man, but we Malaysians are in battles of a war of our own. Stop rambling old lines and all those cliques of "Perpaduan", "Rakyat perlu bersyukur sebab negara aman damai & maju, tiada perang" and else. Let's see that from different meanings or applications, shall we? How they describe of all the kidnaps, rapes, murders, road bullying, "ragut" and else? Do we really really live in peaceful environment? imo NO.

Please U***, for god sake, stop playing games. People are bored to death and have had enough of your mind games. Stop being such a wacko. Or are they hypochondriacs? People who are so afraid of any reminder of illness that they will avoid medical professionals for a seemingly minor problem, sometimes to the point of becoming neglectful of their health when a serious condition may exist and go undiagnosed. Oh! No wonder lah.

Arghh, more likely U*** are follies having that mental disorder and could do serious harm to us people.  What if, in worst cases, they commit a murder, like recent case of Rasidi, but still manage to escape from any consequences? Punishment? Oh no. Damnit.

p/s: Bulan Syawal kita bermaafan. Jadi penulis minta maaf atas penggunaan bahasa yang kasar. So to speak & for your own good, the truth must prevail though it sometimes hurt you really badly. Just take the heed. 


  1. hehe...lawak la hanz nih!...cpj pun nak mintak maaf kepada hanz sebab banyak komen tidak diberi respon...kpd UMNO atau PAS atau PKR pulak, cpj tidak ada apa2 kesalahan untuk dimintak maaf tapi kalau kata ada salah jugak, maafkan je lah!...kihkihkih...

  2. Kena jugak minta maaf sebab tak dapat nak tolong ampu, setuju dgn pendapat/perbuatan seseorang, kan, kan cpj? ...hehehe

    Ye la, sesame la kite memaapkan.


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