05 October 2010

F*** **F stupid ref @ Martin Atkinson ..

It has been 2 weeks Newcastle United have lost back-to-back their Premiere League games. Nay rueing bad luck but i couldn't help it! Shocking home defeat to Stoke@Pottiers and then a narrow lose to Man City@The Blues. Performance-wise i couldn't complain. Of course it was even harder to take after the Man City game as NUFC lost it due to some bad refereeing. The match day's ref in Atkinson, dubbed as Man City's ref, as he was at fault on at least 3 moments. Great, huh? Just happened it was his off day? 

Wtf, from what planet he learned & have got his refereeing license when there was no sending off to De Jong (remember his kung-fu @high takle on Spain's midfielder Sergio Basquet in the last World Cup Final, eh?) when he maliciously challenge BFA (confirmed suffering a broken ankle) and then a penalty for Man City when it was just outside the box? To make it worse, as many eyes around the world could justify it, TV replays showed Lescott to have brought down 'Strola'@ Shola Ameobi the Newcastle striker in the box but no penalty was awarded from this Mr Atkinson. What a joke? What drug he was taking? Perhaps i'd have some of it? Hehe. Arghh! Really p***ed **f.

Oh dear, please someone give me some drugs to get over this 'curse & bad luck' of results. Ah, that's what football these days with refs always hunker down after these type of games when their performances have been pathetic. Official complaint to the FA? Aye good move but unfortunately i can't see any stern actions taken.

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