24 November 2010

Inspector Shahab! Those Malaysians Beat some Indians with the Hockey Sticks!

Tuesday, 23 November :
Event                             Teams                        Results            Status

Men's Semifinal Game 

Yepi, Malaysians hockey team won their game against the Indians, today, in the Asia Games in Guangzhou, China. They made the cut to the final game to play those Pakistanis on Thursday. Congrats! But there is another important job to do - the final game - in couple of days. Be ready to win it & together we'll be in the cloud 9. Ecstatic, chanting, dancing in joy.Hopefully! Ameen !

Thursday, 25 November :
17:00    Aoti Hockey Field
   Field 1
    Men's Gold Medal Game       

Let's come out triumph & be the best team in Asia from now on. Bring home the gold medal for us - Malaysian fans & people!

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