21 November 2010

Malaysia a Modern Islamic Nation? What drugs are you on? Share with me, ok?

Malaysia is truly an Islamic Modern country ... you can bet on it.
Malaysia a Modern Islamic Nation? Who said that? What drugs are you on? Can you give me a bit? If you look up to how tall and big our buildings, mosques, all the stunning sky-scrappers in the cities, et al, you must be proud & assume it is right! Let's see of our governance? Top leaders? Our people? Any good? Not so bad, huh? Yeah, there is still a room for improvement, right? But, please, don't fool yourselves into believing those foreign leaders or any appraisal was such a serious matter. Self-proclaiming it? We're informed someone already have done it - a developed state 2010? Yeah, why not? Suit yourself!

Leaders from UM?NO  are really Islamic fundamentalists? Uh oh, surely they know how to build many mosques every where in the nations, the sharia courts in every states? Aren't they the ones who wanted to approve a license for more gambling activities for the sake of more incomes from the taxes? That football betting, remember? What about a father lost his custody on his child right after a special cabinet meeting went against all odds. No public caning & a 'pengampunan' for a woman who willingly admitted her fault & ready to serve her undoing? Weird, eh? No, no, not Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, we're talking about. A lot of hanky panky. Here and there. Somebody must be having a laugh i reckon. Obama, Netanyahu, Cameron? Najjib? Rosy-mah? This must be another joke from Alie Rostamm, isn't it?  

PAS central political bureau member Khalid Samad said he agreed wholeheartedly with Anwar’s view that it was an insult when countries hail Malaysia a modern Islamic nation.

With the level of corruption everywhere, I have to agree with him,” said Khalid, who is also Shah Alam MP.
Because when you’re talking about an Islamic state, you’re talking about the political aspect, the social practices rather than the individual practice.
In terms of governance, accountability of leaders to the general public, the racial-racist policies inculcated is contrary to Islamic principles of life. That would be an insult,” he said.

Khalid says an Islamic state does not allow corruption. He also highlighted the corruption issues in the country.
An Islamic state does not allow corruption, does not allow cronyism... An Islamic state insists on strong moral practices, for leaders to be an example to the general society at large and that is not the case with the BN government,” he stressed.

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