26 December 2010

Merry Yourself .. Why playing that Gay game?

NO no not wishing you Merry Christmas. I leave that job for Pakcik Santa from TV3. Was he around this Chrismas?

Have a nice weekend = Wish you all Merry, jovial live.

Gosh! Not recommending you to be a gay who likes homosexual. Just be a brisk, lively person & who will always be looking at positives thingy. Scrap that gay, dull & boring routine or what ever games you are playing, then.

Ho ho ho ... am i on a high? ... Na ah, on cloud 9, perhaps. See ya later then!


  1. Errr... Pakcik Santa pun Gay ke...????


  2. (Iklan) Pakcik Santa tu dah tak main kat tv .. their gameplan WAS gay = sangat teruk/terrible .. sampai orang meluat kecuali penyokong UM?NO yang tak reti agama Islam .. slow per usual thick like, sticky as molasse.. orang Islam neutral lain (yang non-partisan) pun nampak & marah hal tu ..depa buat relaks jer, initially.. bila dah kecoh 1 dunia baru puak 1M'sia tu nak ambil pot... sengal!


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