25 February 2011

Gaddafi MUST DIE! Please, someone, shoot him down!

"Ahli PAS malas membaca, u know. The idea of UG is very good for Malay unity, you know fv(k"

"Shame on you, people of Zawiya, control your children," Gadhafi said, addressing residents of the city outside Tripoli where the mosque attack took place. "They are loyal to bin Laden," he said of those involved in the uprising. "What do you have to do with bin Laden, people of Zawiya? They are exploiting young people ... I insist it is bin Laden."
Hours after the attack in Zawiya, Gadhafi called in to state TV and in a rambling speech expressed condolences for the dead but then angrily scolded the city's residents for siding with the uprising. He blamed the revolt on bin Laden and teenagers hopped up on hallucinogenic pills given to them "in their coffee with milk, like Nescafe."

Are all the people of Libya high on drugs? Stupid? Manipulated by Gaddafi's political opponents? Maybe. Just maybe. But it's obvious for all to see that there have got to be something really really wrong when his own people openly chose an uprising to oust him. Just seek & blame yourself, Mr Gaddafi. They have, however,  been patient with your undoing all these times. That's their human rights to speak their mind, leash out anger & unsatisfactory & fight for justice & reform in the country. That's really no crimes against humanity to do so. 

The crackdown would not be happening if only Gaddafi have had listened to them a million light years ago. He could keep buying-out to winning the elections but time will come for him to step down. Falling to do that willingly he braces himself to hang on to his seat at all cost. He is allegedly orchestrating a systematic violations of human rights onto the Libyans. Outrageous, indeed! 

Bottomline is : Gaddafi must hang himself in shame or take a bullet in his head? Russian Roulette would do!


  1. Salam Yob Hanz, another one bites the dust...hopefully!

  2. Yeah .. dia dah melampau dah... This must put to an end! Stop it now rather than later!


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