09 February 2011

The time is now to oust Najib-Rosmah Government... Let's hit the streets!

Come on guys get our act together,
With heads held up with that nation pride,
Set the sight to materialise the downfall of that monsterous BN,
No more hanging about!
Get in to another gear,
Move it & act fast,
It is now or never,
We'll do whatever it takes,
Using all the resources that we've got,
Even if we need hitting the roads,
To voice the peoples' angers,
Do an Egypt (demonstration)!
Do it NOW~
Please o' Allah (God) be with us! 

1 comment:

  1. good quotation bro.....

    p/s:Jemput ke blog saya,semoga saya dapat kongsi dengan tuan artikel berkaitan doa vs orang zalim di blog saya.


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