06 September 2011

Am back for good... let's see it out!

Aiseh men... so sorry lah ... lama penulis menyepi seribu bahasa. Saja. Ramadhan. Puasa. Hehe. Surely i've kept my own counsel and said nothing in public (rather in this blog), as there is an old adage - if you haven’t got something good to say, don’t say anything at all. Yeah, right! It's really good i managed to hold back abit, layout on your back & see things in another way.

Lagi pun it's Ramadhan al-karim yg mulia - bulan yg dilarang 'perang', kan? UMNO is not just my enemy. They are public enemy as a whole. Penjajah kita yang sebenarnya. That's a fact. Don;t frown & don;t be a fool too. It's no gist. It's an open secret too. They were, are and will always be oppressive, suppressing their own citizens. Our people od all races & religions. Of course, when i say UMNO are bad it means their leadership & hierarchy. It means to be their bad deeds or UMNO-led government shenanigans. Not about that some top good-men & ordinary members at their kampung (branches). Spare them! Know the difference.  

Those bigots at power were & still are the national robbers. Lanun bertauliah? Ada cop Halal daripada that, who else, holier-than-thou JAKIM, kut? Haha.. Screw UMNO! They've failed big time in almost every aspects, bro! Nothing would sway me to say it openly. Blatantly if needed. No way, would i change my mind about it. Rest assured! Come try me! Not if you don't know any martial art or don't possess a gun. But there is always an exception - what IF (see it's a big if) they come with a great offer (big bucks ) & some chicks from 'kerajaan langit'...hmmm... No worry, i'd like to give my word that i'd remain who i am. Not? Hehehe. Easier said than done, eh! Remember, Pak gedebe kito, Berahim Ali, Zah-rain Bayan, Jalut-din, Zulkif-loo Kulim (just to name a few flops or is it 'frogs'??). InsyaAllah spare me!

Not to be rude. Please guys, retrospect to all evidences & proofs,  let's us try better ourselves to know UMNO inside out. Hopefully, soon rather than later, you'd honestly got it why i, like many others out there, trying to emphasise of that UMNO are really our people enemy. So, let's put an end to this mess and for once we together put them (UMNO-BN) to bed. Supposedly, they might need a break & being worn out. Perhaps. Let's them rest. In Peace. That's am being honestly sarcastic, yay! Ha ha ha.

p/s: Rojak dah bahasa gua...maaf lah... IMO.. nevertheless, UMNO are terribly truly bad for our health & wealth. Semak lah! Get rid of them ASAP. Ready to have a go!? 


  1. welcome back bro...

    umno is BUSITTTTT...... hehehe...!!!!

  2. Isa ...;) lu ada sihat ka?

    jom 'talkin'kan UM-NO ... imo FGS!

    ho ho ho


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