18 September 2011

Only UM-NO-BN Deserved All the Credits, eh? NOT

News sources : Malaysiakini online

Najib: Only BN can claim credit for ISA repeal !! 
Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak today slammed those who are taking credit for the government's decision to abolish the Internal Security Act, announced Thursday. 

bla bla bla ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ BOLEH BELAH, la lu!

Yeah, sure, he wants to say to the public (rather it, emphasize?) that only he & who are behind him (obviously, UM-NO & BN) can abolish the above-mentioned act. That's their per se norm of today! As they normally like us to believe that they were the "real freedom fighters" all this while. Disregarded those before  & alongside them along the way to historic date in the process, right? Recently, when "Mat Indera" polemic arose, many of our people out there maybe have already found out the truth. Thanks Allah! The truth must prevails!

Mat Indera, was such a proud man, so true, he stood out for the common interest at that particular moment. Freedom from the Brits' colonise! Merdeka cause! He was then a religious protagonist who was trying so hard to strive the ultimate cause. He couldn't never be a communist as UMNO & allies were now drumming up of him being an antagonist. That was such a blatant accuse, what a shame! He must be a definitely real people hero as he was always fighting for that historic "Merdeka" by giving all he have had right to the end - rewarded with head hanging by the conqueror & whoever Malays policemen worked alongside them! True, in this case, the saying of "Fortune favours the brave" was not applicable. But he did his job & made us proud of him, nevertheless. Wohaa! In contrast, Mat Indera was just like any freedom fighter before him like Tok Bahaman, Tok Janggut, Mat Kilau, Dato Maharajalela (just to name a few). Fact! And what people in that f******g UMNO did to confront the British the conquwror that f******g time, years before Merdeka? Almost visibly nowt! They're only 'tools' to the British's controlled government! Cowards! Fact! That's certainly my take on that 'storm in the cup' issue. What say you?  

So, please, UM-NO must take all the blames for misusing the  Internal Security Act, too. It was well known the UMNO-led government only detained suspects for a lengthy period without any fair trail. Some claimed they were abused, tortured & their families were constantly living in hostile ambient. Who else to blame? Only they, the power that be, can do such thing, right? All those bad judgment couldn't be good enough to swallow & really can be easily forgotten to many victims & all of us - rakyat! UMNO-BN have just proved they really epitomised what their mentor - British conqueror - did to all our real freedom fighters in the 30s, 40s and right up to 31st of August in 1957. They helped their master to just shut out the people movement, didn't they? What on earth, we people of this country, going to believe that they've transformed (changed?) & are now willing to listen? B******k! Take that!  They ought to knuckle down constantly to prove us wrong. Remember this you bummers, "One swallow doesn't make a summer", right? Just do them right. Always! Don't try to deceive again as i'm going to buy all your crap. I'll not going to be dégagé for now. I'd not change abit & always be critical (pun intended) to UMNO-BN-led government for how long it may take. 

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