14 October 2011

Enough is Enough ... Am Now Dating Some1 Else .. Hehe

Yeah, am with PR recently. So "Good Bye" UMNO-BN !! I can't stand you nomore. Ho ho ho

Obviously, in this life, when somebody hurts us so deeply that he/she just coming back into our life surely it won't simply fixs it. We wish we never met him/her so he/she could have never hurt us at the 1st place! We wishes he/she didn't have any control over us all these times. We wish we never "fell in love" with or believe in a LIAR. That's UMNO-BN to me and many other out there! Who do they think they are coming back into our life after keep lying to our faces all this while. It will never work because of all the hurt they caused, all the lies disclosed and the hate created & seemingly arising in the society. Nationwide! The scar will be with us for the rest of our lives! Thank Allah (God if you want), it is a blessing reminder to us to never let someone steal a part of ours again, never to be tricked into believing empty words. NOT by them those arrogant bigots again. This scar is a learning curve so we can only improve and end this epic drama for good sake of our nation!


  1. Bukan apa kak, bukan Hanz putus cinta dgn UMno. Dulu tak berapa kenal UMno pun teman ingat deme dah cukup bagus untuk kita semua. Tapi rupanya deme la selama hari ni lanun, penipu, perompak bertauliah negara. Regret is perhaps the right word. Yep, am surely dumped UMno-BN for good! Try not to forget & forgive just yet. If only they changed, sincerely, drastically, which i doubt it happen any time soon.
    Kita kena undi selain drp UMno-BN..tu baru, sweet revenge untuk penipu rakyat, penyanggak, penguasa yg rakus!


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