05 January 2012

Newcastle United 3 - 0 Manchester United - English Premier League

2012-01-04 Newcastle United - Manchester United 3-0 - English Premier League (EPL) - Football Highlight Video

GOALS : Ba 33, Cabaye 47, Jones (og) 90+0

Hanz(?) after that stunning shot... Catch me if you can ... ha ha ha

For all the lows it seems that this high (great show & result) is worth waiting for. After all the praises & trophies, Man Ure they have got surely some dose of realism is needed to be had. They are no more like the "invincible" team of their past glory years. They will win Europa Cup this time around, yeah!!! They are an European giant other teams fear of, right? Haha!!

Many first of everything indeed in this latest game. It was Newcastle United's first win in a decade (last one back in '01) against this current Premier league champions of Sir Alex Ferguson's ManUre team. 

First goal was from, who else, Demba Ba - ever increasingly stunning hitman. 

First time with the Richard Branson's financial firm of Virgin Money for NUFC's new kit sponsor. 

Hey, they do say that you always remember your first time, right??? ;}

ho ho ho .. take that MU supporters!

Howay Alan Pardew & the lads!!!


  1. Salam Yob,

    I miss Cantona. Best kalau dia berjaya jadi Presiden Ferancis!

  2. uihh... teman tak caye kak jah kite ni tahu gak pasei bolasepak.

    Cantona was beast.. hell of a player.. back then, hanz sokong kelab ManU wholeheartedly ... hehe...But not now anymore... variably...Newcastle United, Gunners, Barca, Real Madrid ... howay the lads!

    Sorry.. tak dapat undating blog...tgh mengejar sesuatu 'hilang'...maybe this weekend ada entry. Tapi ada baca blog kak jah, Cpj, DLL.


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