04 June 2012

UM-NO can never take away my soul ... no !!

Days like this many want to drive away,
Just to watch your shadow fade,
You chewed the people up and spit them out,
Like we're poison in your mouth,
You took us light,
You drained us down,
You ripped us off, 
Your love was cheap,
We fell deep and you let us drown,
That was then yeah but this is now,
I dare deem it'll always be that way, 

Now look at us !!! 
We're F***ed.

This is the part of me,
In fact that's part of us - people,
That you're never gonna ever take away from us, 
No, no.
You can throw your sticks and stones,
Throw your bombs and your blows,
But you're not gonna break our souls.
No more!

This is the part of me,
That you're never gonna ever take away from me, 
I'm sparkling firework, a dancing flame,
You won't ever put me out again as I'm glowing,
Oh woah oh,
So you can keep your media craps,
All your dogs too,
I never liked them anyway, 
In fact you can keep everything (if you keep winning the GE)
Yeah sure except for me !!
(along with others who fVcking DISLIKE you)

p/s: We (as the nation) can really do better without the likes of you Umno at  helm, are we not ?? 

Just hand the power over to PR reps. Typical, many the people are judging EVEN BEFORE these PR reps win it. Please, everyone must give a chance before you stereotype and judge.


  1. Isa, welcome & cheers!!

    Bro, lu keep hitting the ground running, good job. Lagi ramai macam lu dalam dunia cyber even orang Um-No, PAS totok pun will'be becoming neutral, x taksub lagi. Truth must prevails!!!

  2. kak hajjah@ kak yong... pekabor?

    It's long time coming UM-No, Bn will eventually lose their crowns. Their days are numbered, me pretty sure of it. They're on borrowed time.

    More chance of it'd be happening than M'sia to play football in the World Cup... haha!!


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