22 October 2012

At last, PLUS have now realised - WOW !

PLUS forms workshop-on-wheels to assist in vehicle breakdowns

SEREMBAN: PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS) has started its Workshop-On-Wheels (WOW) service to help highway users facing vehicle breakdown.
The idea of such a service came about after complaints from motorists of being cheated by illegal tow truck operators, managing director and chief executive officer Datuk Noorizah Abd Hamid said.
"Some highway users had claimed that two truck operators demanded excessive charges from them after their vehicles broke down. We are confident that Workshop-on-Wheels will resolve this problem and become our proactive measure to protect highway users," she told reporters after launching WOW at the Seremban Rest and Recreation Area here.
The service offered with cooperation of Automobile Association of Malaysia (AAM) will provide more efficient service to users at more reasonable charges.
Noorizah said the cost of towing the vehicle out of the highway is free and highway users are only charged if the vehicles are towed to workshops.
"If the vehicles are towed to AAM panel workshops, they will enjoy spare parts at lower prices and of better quality while AAM members don't have to pay for labour charges."
She said that WOW service will cover the PLUS highway for the southern route from Seremban to Johor Baru, before being extended to other areas.
"Ten WOW squads have been formed for the first phase and will only cover the northern route by early next year."      - Bernama


p/s : Yeah right, it's never too late to do this - good move, bravo. BUT why now? Oh, PLUS have just realised their shortcomings, arrogance, negligence & stupidity? 
Patutnya dulu lagi hal ni dah difikirkan! Effectively, on day 1 sebaik sahaja highway PLUS tu siap. BUKAN SEKARANG baru nak terhegeh-hegeh nak tunjuk like that they care! Goddamnit ! IT's darn late. Dah berbelas tahun, siot!
Baru sekarang nak buat workshop on wheels selepas 'break-even dah kaut untung bililon RM (some say RM18G0 siot..masyuk) setiap tahun? Apa payah sangat PLUS sendiri buatkan unit /team car-repairer atau workshop PLUS sendiri supaya boleh tolong segera their own customers (pengguna highway PLUS) & tak payah la kereta mereka dibikin diluar highway. Buang masa ! 
Just do it on the spot atau just tow ke nearest PLUS workshop & do the job there. Berapa ramai yang pernah 'seksa' bila car breakdown berlaku kat highway PLUS & tak ditolong oleh PLUS staff melainkan ditolong being towed ke luar highway, dicas mahal, ditipu. 
Like they didn't know this all this while, eh ! Wow, memang gua terkejut projek WOW PLUS ni... hahaha! 


  1. Bro! mintak tolong linked http://mediaperak.net/

  2. Bhai Hanz Azdi @ Hanz Newman...

    Hahaha.... lambat pikap la ini PLUS... patutnyer diorang tak guna perkataan plus... tetapi minus... hahaha

  3. :) C+++ .. howdy m8?!

    Gila ba** lambat tubit unit WOW PLUS ni. Tahu kapur duit tol + naikkan lagi cas tol saja... Benda cenggini patutnya WOW ni dah lama buat. Unforgiven!


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