24 March 2013

TQ 4 loving me, my love

Kita ni kira bertuah lagi... who ever we are, betapa susah hati kita, muhasabah diri, fikirkan jalan keluar yang terbaik, ubah lah dengan tanganmu.

For that i must be grateful... Thanks o'Allah...The One & Only God to me until i die.

Thank You o' Allah!
For being my eyes 
When I couldn´t see the way out
For the air I could breathe
For all You gave me that i lost count 

Thank you for loving me
During all those ups and downs
Toughen up my spirit
Enlight my mind
Shape up the physical
 I learned something useful
Not just to survive but to thrive

Many thanks also to those around me
Some i guess we would never meet in person 
Not here in this life
For being my saviour at times
You ring the bell before they count me out
If I was drowning you would part the sea
And risk your own life to rescue me
All I´ve got to give to you (back)
Are these five words 

"Thank you for loving me"


Nope..Don't get this wrong. This ain't a will or a death note of mine. This was done & written on purpose - just to thank all involved - before the writer call it a night while some go to a rock concert ...hehe..BUT on serious note, let's think what the messages from the video & songs, we must realise how grateful we are & like to giving thanks too!


  1. Thank u, thank u thank u....Salam hanz...thank u hanz!!!

    1. Wslm wbth :) Cpj ...haha pe kabor chor hari ni?

      u always make me smile with yer invincible touch. TQ very 3x much buddy!

      Terima kasih Cpj sebagai kawan/sahabat di dunia ini. Moga berkekalan silaturrahim ni hingga ke akhirat !

  2. Salam Hanz

    Yong dah link blog miker pada blog Yong. Rajin2 ler update.

    1. W'slam wmth kak yong!

      dah link? Ok tq then !

      But me can't promise being "rajin" to update blog.. hehe...tapi 2,3 entry weekly, mungkin lboeh kot. Insya-Allah lebih kerap kalo boleh ler!


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