23 November 2013

Tahniah Us. Harun Taib ! Bravo Mat Sabu & Ust. Mohd Amar !

Any contest, race mesti ada outcome.. result. Ada yang menang tanpa bertanding. It was anything but a walkover for the reigning DUPP top man, Ustaz Harun Taib. As you walked it, you deserved kudos & special treats. Now, please, walk us through the lessons of "Walk the talk", "Don't be a Mr. Arrogant" and such.

The team yang menang dalam Muktamar kali ni must prove they can do the job & come out triumph in the next GE14 by using the recently-concluded GE13 postmortems together with experiences, expertise of those leaders as the springboard for better things. We hope they can do it.

To reach a goal we always have to aim high. Otherwise, there’s always a high likelihood that we will fail & be frustrated yet again. Well, we need to be a lot more ambitious as fortune favours the brave. If we want to achieve something big we have to think unrealistically. Sometimes. To be great we must take chances & risks.

“Aim for the sky and you’ll reach the ceiling. Aim for the ceiling and you’ll stay on the floor.”

Remember, no pain, no game. For those who certainly not even willing to go for it in life the chances are we’ll never reach our ultimate goals. To those cowards-cum-arrogant, please, do take a walk. NOW !! 

We must stand up & be counted. Even standout & walk off with the fights. We'll walk the talk with our President, Mr. Mat Sabu & rest. If needed, we'll be walking those arm-chair Ulamak around to do the same. Tinggalkan saja la ustaz "Arrogant" yang jadi pelesit, parasit, makhluk perosak" dalam PAS & be with those, the true fighters.

p/s :

Tajuk entri patutnya "Walk, walk & walkie-talkie" ke? Apa-apa aje la...haha....mind you, my write up is abot of rojak... BUT the bottomline is, kita mesti ikhlas hati, niat betul & kerja kuat dengan strategi untuk menang yang lebih efisien.

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