18 December 2013

TerBUKTI si Zahid "Komedi" Hamidi memang Gred A ..Clown !!

This Ahmad Zahid "Mr. Arrogant" Hamidi did it again, huh? What's new? Another gist, another "tip and run" to his political foes - Mat Sabu - this time around !!

He never ever cease to make peep ROFL, in the same time, sad to his blatant allegation, defamation, any sort of joke that could be considered unsavory, bigoted, or maybe in some cases, downright sick ! 
So what if this man insults large segments of Malaysians every time he opens his mouth? So what if he makes a mockery of Malaysia's claim to be a moderate and tolerant country? That's indicative of how well Zahid has played his part and capitalised his power whilst at helm. 

"I leave it to (Minister in charge of religious affairs) Datuk Jamil Khir Baharom to take action against the Shia leader who occupies the number two post (in PAS)."

However, Mat Sabu pointed out that he was not sure if Ahmad Zahid was referring to him as the deputy presidency is not the number 2 post in the Islamic party. Why in hell he was trying to pick on Tuan Guru Datuk Haron Din ?? haha

"In PAS, the highest post is held by Tok Guru Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat. And Tuan Guru Datuk Haron Din holds the second top post," Mat Sabu said. 

Netizens were quick to point out that the Umno vice-president’s zeal in “defending the human rights of police and victims of robbery, shooting and murder” apparently did not extend to the suspected murderers of Altantuya Shaariibuu and Gaik Yap .
His stance that police should shoot suspected criminals without warning has attracted ridicule from Internet users. The Home Minister standing with the words,

 No need to give warnings. If we have proof, shoot first” 

Evidence, proof of Grade A, huh?? No wonder he just opened fire 'shoot 1st' the suspect in Mat Sabu ?!

Sebenarnya, gua nak tulih dalam BM ...TAPi bila darah dah mendidih, geram gua memang tak boleh tulih BM, automatik tulih dalam BI... tu dah cara gua berpikir kut? hehe.... Cian Mat Sabu, kut ya pun nak tangkap Mat Sabu bior le dakwa dia kat mahkamah. Baru tepat.

KDN dilaporkan memiliki bukti lebih bermutu - dikategorikan sebagai "gred A" - yang didakwa boleh mengaitkan Mohamad sebagai pengikut Syiah.

Penolong setiausaha bahagian keselamatan dan ketenteraman awam KDN Zamihan Mat Zain mendakwa, bukti berkenaan termasuk kenyataan dari individu didakwa "anak buah" Mohamad Sabu.

p/s :

BS !! 1 lagi projek Bari$an Na$ional ! Rasionalisi, my foot. 

Surely Zahid "Grade A Clown" Hamidi will not waver from word nor conciliate.  Lets see if he gonna eat any humble pie later on.

"Guling Kerajaan" ??? No need that... Rofl... better, kita guling guling gelak kat si Zahid...haha.


  1. Salam Hanz

    Hawhawhaw...This clown is very highly qualified. He has a PhD. Pity the university that awarded the "Permanent Head Damage" degree. No wonder the quality of Malaysian Universities is steadily slinding into the longkang...

  2. Wa'alaikum salam warahmatullah kak yong.

    spot on. Can be even worse when we have leadership of Sociopaths !

    here's what i gained....


    Sociopaths are completely incapable of feeling remorse, compassion, guilt or shame. They always swing surprising tactical advantage for gaining power - in the corporate and government worlds

    Being a backstabbing psychopath is the fastest way to get ahead. Sociopaths often rise to the top of government agencies and globalist corporations since they are fantastic liars. They lie just as easily as putting on a pair of sock in the morning.

    They lie so well that they often fool themselves into thinking they are telling the truth. Their lies are skillfully woven around a tiny shred of proof to make them believable.

    Sociopaths believe that whatever they say becomes reality merely because they say it !!


  3. plus, these bullsh1tters speak a lot of unnecassary drivel all the times to convince peep.

    Nasib baik, many of us nowadays not buying it ! haha... their loss, our gain!


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