08 May 2009

Perak oh Perak

Perak oh Perak, The Land of Grace, People did felt this gracious, They loved the land and lived happily, But of late somehow it has turned to hell, No more comfort, nor benevolent. People wished Allah to grant the Sultan a long life, Just and gracious, ruling the homeland, People left and right wanted to obey his reign, And people asked Allah to endow the righteous faith, But of late many people lived in fear, Like the state was in such a war, The Sultan wasn't around when his people wanted him most, Unfortunately he left his people in dismay and confused, Let to witness unwelcome chaos out of his undoing, When he should let his people to choose their government, Strange happened, He rather trusted some monsters many his own people did not, Leading them defiled all stability and dignity, They who simply profaned the holy constitution, They who recklessly transcended all boundaries, This must smeared people belief in justice, Sanctify the land of grace O Allah, Salvage the State and its people O Allah, May Allah guide us unto the truth and grace.

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