18 August 2009

H1N1: Smile .. no matter what.

What is the meaning of people 1st? If any of the diseased of H1N1 could ever talk about what have our beloved government and its bodies done, we know it is a far cry from that sacred 1Malaysia motto. So what the fuck is now our Prime Minister DS Najib’s priority? People safety? Weird. May be i should just ask this to our Prime Ministres Rosmah herself and i bet my top money she knows fuck to encounter all this troublesome. What say you TS Muhyideen Yassin? There have been deaths every day due to the Influenza A (H1N1) virus taking the toll to more than 65 deaths, say Tan Sri Dr Mohd Ismail Merican. The Health Director-General? Isn't he a freak? Seems to me more like a newsman with his daily stastistic of deaths and bla bla bla. Not to mention his boss, the Health Minister. Sure we must always be cool head to face any tasks or problems. But as H1N1 is now a national issue, our executive leaders still look fucking cool as it is no a serious treat to the people. Come on, prats! Be serious! Show more drastic measures to overcome this problem of H1N1. Or something lessens its treat. It is time to press the 'panic button' if that could help to prevent and save many lives. That goes to opposition leaders as well. They, surely on this issue, must try to win the people votes by sincerely show they care and provide alternative of ways of saving these people lives. If only they care. However, all politicians must have their heads checked when they seem only serious about their own politic interests and power, but play deaf and blind to all this fatal H1N1 virus may affects millions citizens. As many suggest this H1N1 is quite straightforward to identify it. As people are urged to take precaution and meet the doctor for a H1N1 initial check, it is a shame we still hear many complains of the lack of services, efforts, effectiveness, seriousness from the government hospitals. Many would never know it from the prime media be tv1,tv2,awani,tv3 or the newspapers like Berita Harian. Ever wonder why? Prevent is better than cure, in many cases, it is indeed. A checkup is supposed to ensure people do not have H1N1 in the first place. Then, indentify those who are infected to be quarantined immediately in a special place for a special treatment. Self-quarantine is not an effective move and just an example of a failed system of preventation. But one thing if anything we can rely on is our own body's self defence mechanism. Our lives could merely depend on our own strength in this fight against the H1N1 virus. There seems now to be a problem of how to treat the infected patients, worldwide. As one friend says that the existing antivirals are only good at treating seasonal flu, which H1N1 is not. Until there is real H1N1 antiviral developed, we must take care our health. Do consume the additional supplements besides a good daily diet to ensure we have got the much needed nutrients and others. Keep positive mind and maybe practising 'Mind over body' may help. We have become a pill popping society who has succumbed to the manipulations of large pharmaceutical companies. Intriguing phenomena such as the placebo effect reveals the healing power of the brain and environment, although it is still in its infancy, yet results of studies are very promising. Protect ourselves by wearing face mask. Better try N95 masks which can block 95 % of small particles which cause the virus though they don't come cheap. Hope the government enlists this mask as a price-controlled item too before its price goes sky high. If so, i'd rather put a smile face mask (as picture) to face the world. Do what we have to do as this life is short to be worry too much. What will be will be. Face it as success usually favours the brave, or, at least we know it worth to die trying.


  1. tuh la.. siang malam cakap pasal h1n1. tp apa kita leh buat? we do as best as we can..

    hanz, den jemput ekau jadik author. silakan lah sumbang ape2...
    cek gmail yer..


  2. eh! dik anon? hehe

    apa pun wa gonna check. g-mel wa lama x kemas..hehe


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