17 October 2009

Don't cry Argentina

Here we go again. Football. Be real. This is it. It is only a game but i am obsessed with it. Really, not a day passes without thinking of you, football. Crazy? Yeah sure you guys want me to see a doctor and have my head checked for that. Defo 'No'. Nothing wrong with it. Maybe i just on drugs? Want some? hehe. Football is just like that. It comes naturally. The passions.

Football, oh sure i mean that ball which is kicked properly on the pitch, not American football or Aussie football. I just can't conjure football match with any hands involved in the game besides when the goalie is doing his job at hand. Or when throwing in, freekicks, shootouts, corner kicks. Oh i just love this game, i can tell you that. Maybe i as many others around the world are just used to see the typical football game ever since we were born.  Stay that way, please!

This is about Argentina. Nearly they did not make it to the finals in South Africa in year 2010. But they did make the cut. Only just. Phew! If they did not beat the Uruguay team last Sunday, many adults would be down-hearted, feeling sad, crying like babies bar me. Come on, me man enough to accept the humiliation of not qualify. Gimme a break! hehe. Now cry not you guys and celebrate the success of qualifying to the coming World Cup finals.

Congratulation to Diego Maradona, my favourite living football legend of all. Hopefully you would still be the Argentina coach during the World Cup 2010 though it would be a very big asking for you to winning the cup. I bet my top dollars for Spain to be the next champion. Yours? Any objections? 


  1. hey bro, me too! world cup is the only football championship yg i follow since like 1998. masa nih form 5, where france vs italy (if me memory served me well ler..) masa nih siap kitorang curik2 tgk tv beb sbb nak tgk world cup. the punishment later was nothing compared to watching the match live on telly. muahahaha...

    next year.. wah.. u r so ito christiano ronaldo ke bro? mau kene kutuk AT kaw2 neh. i dont really fancy any football team, but last season my fav was german n brazil. yeah.. i can like two teams at the same time :P

    but this year, imma go for spain, german n brazil :P

    la vida loco!


    (i dare not put my name lest someone mentione about my name being unislamic n whatnots)


  2. hehe.. si senorita..i pun teringat kisah masa boarding school dedulu nih..time final argentine vs germany, which happened the latter won it by a narrow win. A penalty by whom i lupepulak nama dia..sedih gk ler coz me favorite just 2nd place equals to the 1st LOSERS..hehe..that's what they rant to the defeated finalist. ouch! i prefer Brazil,England (u know who),Spain (Torres,David Villa others) but anticipate the unexpected challenge drp. 1 of the African team maybe Ivory Coast (Drogba & co.).

    p/s: hehe..biarkanlah...hope u take it easy, just so unreal those calling name...i bet he don't know the great Cheng Ho was Moslem? hehe


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