28 October 2009

More Jews against Zionism ... but

More and more Jews in Israel are now against Zionism but in contrast here in Malaysia, to be exact, in an Islamic party of PAS, some of their leaders are against the odds. Not that they are supporting Zionism, hope not. But they are revving up this weird yet absurd idea although it's against their own people's wishes to strengthen the people coalition. Significantly these nerds can't see they are only destroying all trusts put upon them to change the country's situations. Stupid as stupid does. Yeah it makes me lmao.
Strange as it may look sounds, how they dare to be against the people who casts votes last General Election in 2008 to win more seats and gain power in some states. How they are so thick is beyond my belief as these suspects are trying their best to associate with their political enemies in sharing power to lead the country when they are just a few step away to fully conquer all and bring down the enemies to their knees. They  could now be so close in getting where they want to bring PAS to. Unity Goverment they call it. God-damn-it! This a betrayal and to top it  they seems to lie about it from the 1st place. Are they insane? UG my a$$! Who needs UG most? It is UMNO who lost control and confidence of the people, allright. So, why shall PAS? Maybe some quarters in PAS Trengganu have something up in theirs sleeves. Yeah they lost the state and maybe they were ashamed and trying to gain some prides by bringing this up. What "Perpaduan"? UMNO is the best example of it. Can't all they united? They are all Malays, right? Let's see if it's Perak state? Can't be as i can see there are only 1Malaysia, 2Perak and 3Frogs. Obsolutely no UG needed there!
In conclusion, excuse me to say "Omg thanks f*** UG team. Where in hell did you got this f&(%i*g idea, you scum? Go to hell with your UG, you pr**ks, the only place which would welcome your UG. F*(k off".


  1. in a fight like memang payah dah nak cool down, sama aku kalah atau dia tersungkur...tu aje rule...winner takes all? hehe

    cpj abaikan emosi aku...ada entri baru esok pasal keindahan Islam hingga ramai non-Islam yg sebelum ni pandang sepi Islam, tak ambik tau pas dpt hidayah depa embrace Islam..alhamdulillah...aku tgh siapkan...tapi dlm mbmMBI ler...hehe..mungkin aku translet kot..insyaAllah


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