09 December 2009

50-50 ok lah

Bob Moncur says "The powers that be are making a football game for softies. Football being a contact sport and there will be alot of 50-50 balls with people taking the ball from an opposing player, which sometimes ended with them being on the floor. But if two players aren’t allowed to contest a 50-50 ball without seeing a bit of fall out or somebody ending up on the deck, there’s a problem. You’d like to think some players would just get up and get on with it when they are tackled rather than carrying on like that and rolling about. Players used to get applauded for a good strong tackle – if you chicken out of a tackle you will soon know about it from the crowd. At the moment it’s not very clear what a bad or a good tackle is? I don’t want to see things like elbowing and punching in the game, that’s totally different"

"It’s up to people like Sepp Blatter at FIFA to sort it out, I don’t blame all of the referees, it’s what they get instructed from the top. Mr Blatter seems to come up with a new idea about something else everyday but none of them seem to come off. I don’t see dishonest players, just men who like to make genuine attempts to win the ball in tackles and not con the paying public by chickening out of tackles, they’re not shirkers. Sadly we see players trying to get opponents booked or sent off, which shouldn’t be in the nature of the game."

p/s: Don't ask me who the heck this chap Bob Moncur is ....hehe