19 December 2009


I must apologise. I think i'm still on cloud 9 over the news of the Malaysia U-23 won the SEA Games football final - not that i'm on drug or booze it up in a wild celebration party. No, absolutely nothing of such. Just it so happen it somehow makes my day. The gloom & doom of Malaysia football seems now over. That's what many Malaysians nationwide say so. Who am i to blame them feeling proud & ecstatic over this matter.

Congrats to Rajagopal, (the only Raja i highly respect..hehe) and the team members. We must however not take our feet off the gear now and be content with winning just the Sea Games. Yeah, with a FAM President, like you know who, at helm we will never know. Actually, we must come down to the earth and keep our feet firmly on ground. Can't be carried away with this once in a blue moon triumph, can we? We must be working more harder to achieve something greater than just be the champions in our own region - South East Asia. The team must now have grown in their confidence & ready to set higher target in coming 3 years. They must up to the challenge with the other Asia counterparts like S.Korea, Iran, Kazakhstan, Japan, Australia (yea the Aussies, mike). FAM and the other government bodies should be working together to thrive this goal. So, what next? The Asia Cup would be a step up.

Though a win is a win, we can't always winning games dependent the opponents' blunders or mistakes like scoring own goals. Realistically, we must know how to get our on goals & win games on our own merit as the lady luck will never always be on our side next time. I'm taken to 1Malaysia for this mere objective...just only on this 1 issue... hehehe.


  1. cpj pun ucap tahniah juga, walaupun boleh dikatakan menang nasib, tapi kalau tiada usaha-bersungguh-sungguh sukarlah nasib akan menyebelahi kita.Malaysia boleh kalau betul-betul ikhlas untuk maju.

  2. memang menang nasib je tu..tapi bolasepak tu kan ke bulat? ate, ogang tua-2 kata, tuah tu, yg bulat datang bergolek, yg pipih dtg melayang, kan?..hehehe....tapi sometimes memang kita nak Lady LUCK/ nasib baik memihak ke kita...tambahan dlm keadaan yg kita dah berusaha sehabeh baik & tgh bertawakkal tu...tentu kita berdoa yg baik-2 kita kan? tu kan kita nak nasib memihak kita? hehehe


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