17 December 2009

Imagine IF Malaysia is the Host of The World Cup 2018

Yeah that is a BIG 'IF' imo, the pleasing headlines, in December of 2010, would be something like this,
"It's official; World Cup football could be played at our stadiums like Stadium Bukit Jalil, Std. Shah Alam, Perak, Sarawak after were named by the Malaysia 2018 bid team as the host cities."
 "As we wanted, England is not selected to host the 2018 World Cup. So be it. They don't deserve it. It's Malaysia winning the bid. Thanks to DS Najibb, the Islam world infamous leader, for his lovely effort to promote this country to all scholars and corporates in America, Arabi  and African countries. They surely love his leadership. The world-class football  will now be played in Malaysia, showcasing some of the best footballers in the world," it was announced today by Mr. KJ who himself is the Vice President of FAM.

The announcement was made at a press conference held in London, by Malaysia 2018 Selection Panel Chairman, Lord KJ of Rembau. As expeted the like of Alan Shearer, Peter Beardsley, Malcolm Macdonald and Mick Martin all not turned out at the Hard Rock KL, in anticipation to await the good news for Malaysia's bid of hosting the World Cup. This is a chance of a life time to many Malaysians to watch Malaysia team playing in the ultimate tournament without the need for Malaysia to hardly earn a place by merit of qualifying to World Cup. Alongside Serbegat Singh, Rajagopall, Sathianathann, Wann Jamak Hassan, with many other ex-footballers and national fans, all cheering and partying like we're winning the World Cup itself.

Commenting on the announcement the-whole-life-President of FAM, said:
"This is a proud moment for Malaysians. This is a fantastic achievement, and the result of the true passion of the people of FAM. The World Cup has always been about more than just world class football, it is about putting us on the international stage, boosting tourism and bringing carnival to Malaysia. The whole process has been about myself, FAM and the goverment working together. The legacy and media profile will transform international awareness of our city for decades to come."
p/s: TAHNIAH kpd skuad bawah 23 (U-23) tahun Malaysia yg mengalahkan Vietkong Vietnam, 1-0, pada FINAL temasya Sukan Asia Tenggara 2009 (SEA Games) di Laos. Gol sendiri pun tak pa eihh, janji menang, tambahan vs Vietnam yg terkenal dgn taktik kotor melengah masa permainan.  TAHNIAH Rajagopal & staff...kecuali Presiden FAM & barisan 'gang'nya...this's win won't change abit of my verdict
on your leadership all these f***ing years.

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