26 December 2009

Jet TUDM Berteknologi Tinggi & Tak Perlu Enjin Untuk Terbang???

In June 2009, Malaysia RMAF (or TUDM) announced to replace its Mikoyan RSK MiG-29N fighters (exactly, type MiG29N/ NUB of interceptor & trainer aircrafts respectively)  with a new high-agility-cum-capability machines for air superiority role, mainly in an attack & overcome any enemy force. The announced plans to phase out the fleet which having been plagued by problems since it bought in 1995, over the next few years. FACTS! No qualms on above-mentioned replacement plan.
So, we'd be forgiven to suspect some of these MiG-29N bodies to be stationed in some muziums throughout the nation. The Royal Town of Kuala Kangsar's municipal itself could take this chance to replace the existing fighter model at the big-clock-roundabout with one of this Russian's fighter. How about  that for a new eye-catching for tourist scenery! I wonder where would this fighter's engine be left? Sold? To who? How much could it be this time? More than the 50 millions a piece for  the-3-year-loss-F5E-engines? The gist have recently put the country's name in many world's newpapers & TV reports. Shame, for a wrong headlines this time. Presumably, our reliable defence minister Zahid Hamidi has the answer as he told the official Bernama news agency,
 "I have decided that from next month, the aircraft will be phased out and we should find a way to sell them to certain companies or countries approved by the United Nations,"
Like i'm sold to that statement. Who with a good brain ever wants junks like that? Who ever wants those doubtful engines? Maybe some of top guns  in RMAF themselves & their affiliates have some brilliant ideas on this matter? After all, some of them truly are professionals & have the hindsights on selling the aging & obsolated engines such as of F5E.

p/s: How about buying or invent some aircrafts with no engine? No more headache on any potential missing engines in the future. The bug stops there, then. Hehehe.    


  1. Pesawat ni memang hebat hanz, sebab dia pakai 'Datuk jin'.Kalau dah pakai 'Datuk jin' buatpe nak pakai 'Encik jin'(Enjin)lagi! kahkahkah...Mana ada kelas...(No Standard Man!...)

  2. cpj,

    Tu ler, teman tak heran 'kehilangan' enjin Mig29 ker F5E ker Tebuan ker Nuri ker...kita Melayu leh trobangkan pesawat & helikopter dgn bantuan jampi serapah jer...hehehe...Kuat betul ler 'iktikad' pegawai TUDM kita kalau mengharap kpd jin. Agaknya ada tok bomoh pangkat Kapten atau General kot dlm TUDM? hehehe


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