02 February 2010

Fire In The Hole

PAS, i'd love to give you this last warning of “Fire in the hole”.  The term “fire in the hole” is a general warning for the use of explosive weapons, albeit PAS can somehow use this phrase to supposedly command the cannon's torch man or whatever cavalry in the PAS's supreme disposal, to walk the walk before they talk the talk. They must now make their tactical moves to conquer the Putrajaya by aggresively attacking their mere foes in UBN. Yeah, sure it's about time to walk the talk. Show us some of your conceptual of good governance in all states PAS have won. They'd have shone & must by now firing on all cylinders if all is going as well as it could. Prove the critics wrong or else. Please keep your promises on this battle to capture the promised land in Putrajaya.

On the hand, this is also a warning to all PAS leaders to correct themselves. A warning that when an explosion in within PAS is about to be imminent. They must find ways to, for their good sake, in sustaining back a good image to eyes of many neutrals a.k.a. the silent majority; to regain lost respect & to win hearts of many Malaysians between now and PRU13. If no significant moves to rectify all wrongs, PAS could be history very soon & be left in abundance if they're arrogant enough & do nothing to change their ways of doing things, mainly in resolving their own conflicts of interest among each other, their undoing, et al. 

Hence, this “Fire in the hole” could be a warning to us all of a coming fart from the bad PAS's leaders; a flatus or an intestinal gas expelled through the smelly anus of some '2, 3 kerat pemimpin PAS' or purportedly those few bad apples. Hehehe..mark this space, you've been warned about this.

p/s: PAS memang tak 'perfect' tapi TOLONGlah tunjukkan keikhlasan lu olang  (orang atasan) hendak perbetulkan keadaan carca-merba dalam banyak hal.

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