07 February 2010

Still Loving You ...

On board of a voyage,
It could seemed as a disrespect to the ship captain,
For us passengers to publicly criticise his intelligence, 
Or people having serious doubts over his charge,
It was never a welcome move,
No no, it's far from it,
Really it's just some personal views,
Just the thoughts & concerns for some actions to be taken,
To whom who looked out of place,
For a smooth sail in this lovely ship many have confide in.

So why the sticks from the people? 
Why giving a rough ride on them, the captain & crews? 
It's just because people wanted to save all that mattered most,
For us successfully together make it to the destination,
Or face consequence that we'll die together in this sinking ship, 
That unrest must have been due to some things went wrong,
Obviously, some decisions have left people bewildered,
"Aren't they're taking us straight into the hell?",
Dare to bring us into the gloom & doom, again? 

These fears many people hope would soon be allayed, 
When there's a wind of change,
When the men at the top know their jobs,
That's to dispose all the waste,
Give a "Good Riddance" to all the deadwood,
They must acknowledge all their wrongs & fix things up, 
That should stabilise the ship & get her back on track, 
Only then people'd take it all back and say "SORRY",

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