03 March 2010

Grouchy might be the adjective for my last entry as I was on the verge of breaking down. The past haunted me. Again. Disappointed in myself...blah..blah. It felt like the walls were closing in. Musing. I kept trying to analyse the actual causes of this but they escaped me for the moment. Sometimes, i bet it's good to forget about something in this life. Even so, i would blog myself to sleep per usual. zzzZZZZ (ah ha, luckily i haven't lost many sleeps when this was happening. Thanks Allah! Still The One God & Only to me.)

But that was yesterday. Now i'm back to myself. There are miracles in life I must achieve but first I know it starts inside of me. I’m now more concerned about the future and what to do next. I sure can make it. From time to time, it is essential that i evaluate my life and purge things that aren’t serving their purpose any longer or that are getting in the way of my ability to move forward. March on!
Still a lesson or 2 from the 'blackout' of mine. I was reminded how certain assumptions permeate many others' everyday lives. Laid back, deflated and defeated, it dawned on me that I had unwittingly fallen prey to this prevalent assumption: "Whatever you can believe, you can achieve." This assumption saturates popular culture and is very much a part of man's philosophical and heritage. At the heart of this assumption, is the idea that all we need is sincere belief and we can accomplish anything. (mind flying a kite now, miss? hehe)

The winning formula reveals that they involve the head, heart, and hands in achieving great performances. By that it means we use the head to ignite the passion (which is the heart) of each of us so it produces (the hands) peak performance. The results will be coming in. Eventually. Many if not all.

I’ll get a good night’s sleep then. Tara! Nite love (whoever u r)!

p/s: Sorry for me being sorry to myself.


  1. Capailah apa yg di-ingini dan dihajati ..selagi tak bercanggah dgn syariat..

  2. Terima kasih LanaBulu menjengah blog hanz & terima kasih juga sebab bagi komen yang bersifat motivasi & nasihat tu. Yeah i need 1 at time like this. InsyaAllah hanz akan usahakan cara & jalan untuk mencapai impian hanz di dunia ni seterusnya impian di akhirat kelak. Hanz juga mendoakan saudara LanaBulu & famili sentiasa have life u want, senang & bahagia, amin!

    thanks again.


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