20 April 2010

Howay the Lads, the Toon Army

Chris Hughton

Newcastle United or the Magpies were crowned champions following Monday's 2-0 victory at Plymouth and will now lift the famous Football League Championship trophy in front of a sell-out crowd at St.James' Park. 

The Football League Championship trophy was previously presented to the winners of the English First Division before the inception of the Premier League in 1992. United lifted the same trophy back in 1993 following their promotion from the old First Division.

Notably Newcastle United were relegated in 2009, the largest club to be relegated from the Premier League since Leeds. Alas recent events on and off the pitch resulted the club becoming the laughing stock of the country and we could hear a lot of schadenfreude from any football fans all over the world. That have sparked fears both before and after that Newcastle United club could "do a Leeds", not a phrase which has made the Oxford Dictionary yet, but Wikipedia has its own page on it, and they could drop further into League One without restructuring. Nine months on and thanks to the brilliant management of Chris Hughton and the unity of his vastly superior squad, the dreaded Queen anthem 'We are the Champions' blasted out to celebrate the jovial mood as the NUFC restored some of their pride and bounced back to the Premier League as the 2009-2010 Championship champions.

Newcastle United boss Chris Hughton praised his promoted side, said:
"I think we got to a stage where we couldn't shout from the rooftops but we were comfortable that we were going to go up.We got to that stage and probably for a little while it's been about winning the title and I couldn't be any prouder of this group of players. They have gone from day one and we have probably had one blip during the season, they came back from that strongly and went on a very good run.We have been the team to beat all season."

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  1. aye am total chuffed...party all night long.

    howay the lads!


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