07 April 2010

Pick your choice: Live Better or Die Well?

Whether we like it or not,
Life is more less a test,
Expect a rough and tough ride,
Life could be easy which always please us,
Alighting our lives from time to time,
On the dark side, life could also hurt us so badly at times,
Being so cruel to you like a curse that won't go away,
Even so, believe me, that nothing lasts forever,
Alas, though, we have been suffered for years,
Which made someone turned crazy, pathetic loser or tosser, 
Let's make the vivid agony, misery seems like a million years away,
We can try all but forget those scars,
As they will remain as part of our live.

Still we need no morphine to kill this pain,
Perhaps some more endorphin could help us out of this trouble,
Maybe just enough for us to hold on,
To think of something to better our live,
There must be a way out of this adversity,
We must keep on thinking and trying,
Patient we need, patient we must be,
Keep our focus and do it right this time around,
See where it brings us along the way.

We surely have made big and stupid mistakes, 
Let it be, let it be,
You could feel sorry for yourself,
But be positive that is it what matters most,
Stop all whines, sulking and that lame excuses,
Let's give ourselves a valid chance and self-belief,
Be wise and do some necessary changes,
It is time to right all wrongs,
Knowing it is better having hopes and be dreaming,
Rather than bemoaning our own bad luck,
And writing a death note,
We better make our own fate,
As we don't know what future holds for us,
It worth trying to be a better man,
Maybe it stands us in good stead, 
Only then perhaps you might want to thank your lucky stars,
You never know.

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