09 June 2010

Held No Ransom by Traders & Vincent Tan

These days, laws, rules, regulations and licences have specific roles to play in ensuring that the majority people are not taken for a ride by a handful who think they can "control" the market and dictate prices. No people can start hoarding rice, sugar and other essential goods. Back then in 60s in order to flush them out, the government introduced the Control of Supplies Act 1961 which required manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers selling price-controlled items such as sugar, flour and cooking oil to have a licence. In force for over 30 years, an exemption was granted in 1991 to retailers. Lately the supply of sugar has somewhat been "hijacked" by some unscrupulous traders. Because a handful took advantage of the exemption to make larger margin profits, the entire trade is now being subjected to licensing. The licence is a requirement of an existing law. It’s not a new law. Right now, the situation demands that such a requirement be implemented to protect consumers. So what’s the big fuss?

It comes as a no surprise some retailers are threatening not to sell sugar, flour and cooking oil in view of the licensing requirements. Still they consider the purportedly boycott it is not a form of protest. They have themselves to blame entirely. Their argument of that the profit margin is low is humbug! The government does not dictate margins – this is for retailers to bring up with the manufacturers or suppliers. The issue of the licence must not be used as lev-erage for their demands for bigger margins. And why are politicians from the MCA getting into the act by supporting and encouraging retailers to circumvent the law?

This country cannot and must not allow itself to be held to ransom by traders. What will they ask for next? To be exempted from holding valid driver’s licences for their delivery trucks? And use the "small margin" to be exempted from paying income tax? This is neither the opportunity nor the time to score political points. The law of the land must be obeyed. And the Domestic Trade, Co-operative and Consumerism Ministry should stand firm against the few who think they can have their way – all the time.

News source from The Sun ( http://sun2surf.com/section.cfm?id=265

Many more people of all races have say 'NO' to Vincent Tan in prohibiting or allowing any football betting. So, just say it to his face, DS Najib. Enough is enough. Stop this ridiculous Mr Tan, you w@$$$$. Gamblers need no more rush head & losing money. Please, D7 do your job.Just arrest all the culprits to eliminate all the black market betting syndicate & shark loaners (creditor Ahlong) in this country of ours.

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