04 July 2010

Maradona's Argentina Were Humiliated by Krauts

Shocking impromptu exit to the Argentina team as they were thrashed  by Germany 4-0 and eliminated in the quarterfinals of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Who would have ever thought of such a 4-0 humiliation, pathetic defense display from the Argentine as before the game vast majority of fans may have fancied Argentina to pull this one off. Or, at least, they would give it a real fight to the Germany. No, no. I meant nothing like the previous encounter of these 2 juggernauts when they really have had a fight with each other drawing in most players and coaches from both teams with punches being thrown. That occurred in the 2006 World Cup quarter finals as Argentina lost on penalties before a violent brawl broke out at the end of the match.

Yet the bubble of optimism that had grown in their four outings was pricked in ruthless fashion by the Germans. Maradona was found impotent to change the course of events as the Germany's coach, Joachim Loew, got the better tactically of a bewildered Maradona. Loew made his young men in black cruised in that game, defended doggedly and attacked in numbers while Argentina's defense crumbled as soon the first German's goal went in. Pundits spouted their critics that if only Maradona would have not left some great names behind they could have been such assets against a team as organised as Germany were in this game.  Thwarted time and again by a superbly disciplined rearguard, the Argentinians fell to a numbing defeat, the latest in a string of setbacks that has prevented them from progressing beyond the quarter-final stage for the last five FIFA World Cup™ finals. Congratulations to Germany.

"What the team showed, it was not only international level, but the level of champions," Loew said. "It was absolute class."

Maradona said his team had been crushed by the early goal.
"The first cross produced a goal, and suddenly we were looking at a different game," he said. "They took advantage of all their chances."

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