01 July 2010

WC 2010 Quarter-Finals : Argentina vs Germany

Brazil-Holland match besides. The another worldwide much-awaiting match day is on Saturday afternoon (or early evening?) the 3rd of July. Of course i am talking about Cape Town's local time. It is Argentina versus Germany. It'll be on aired at 10 p.m. in Malaysia. Thanks to Goverment & FAM for that? Yeah what ever.

Presumably, it's another Lionel Messi's flair game & for his guidance, Maradona, it's his mind game as usual. Messi is really flying high now with his fantastic ball control & articulate defense-splitting-passing game. He could  be too hot to handle for the Germans. Simply the man to beat by the German midfield & defense. Even if they can, somehow, manage to keep him quiet for 90 minutes this will only open up some spaces for his colleagues like Tevez, Kun Aguero, Higuan or Angel De Maria to exploit things up in creating goal chances & consequently winning the match. My prediction is that the Argentines to narrowly win over fellow Germans by 2-1. Goals from the on-fire forwards of Tevez and Higuan with Germany consolation goal by Muller.

As the Spanish La Liga’s most prolific marksman last season, 2009/10, Messi’s failure to notch a goal (until the last-16 game) for his Argentina national team or 'La Albiceleste’ is almost bizarre but the player himself is not unduly concerned.
It doesn’t worry me, even if I prefer to score when I play,” he said. “The most important thing is that we maintain the level we’re playing at and that we go on to win by playing as a team.”

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