28 June 2010

England will NOT be winning the 2010 World Cup

The USA ex-President was left ruing a bad call from the referee who disallowed the purportedly second goal for the English? mmm...Why should he cared anyway? 

The God save(s?) their gracious Queen, the noble Queen, apparently. But nothing to send her victorious, happy and glorious with the latest farcical, shambolic display from the national football team against the Germany's counterparts today in the last-16 match of this 2010 World Cup. Neither they could scattered thine enemies nor they made them fall. Notably, the German were easily cruised pass the English as they inflicted a big defeat over the England's superstars. Result was 4-1 win to the Germans.

The English might rue their humiliation to bad omen since,stupidly, they had to meet the Germans in this early stage. Lately they almost never won against the Germany in any big tournament. Bad luck, perhaps, as they were denied their chance to bring them back to the game with a disallowed equaliser? Obviously the ball went in well 20 inches over the lines. Which planet were the referee and his culpable lineman on? No doubt for the next century we will hear about the disallowed goal.  Oh no!

So, England will not be winning this World Cup 2010 as they were knocked out with that a good generation of footballers like Lampard, Gerrard, Rooney and other big names. How pity! Eh, wait a minute, Rooney was playing in this tournament, wasn't he?  This has proved they, the English players, were overrated, simply not the world-beaters they were often made out to be.



  1. hanz, tolong letakkan semula link blog cpj, rasanya RSS feed dah ok. thanks.

  2. ok RSS feed to dah ok cpj...lineman kat World Cup saja tak ok matanya sampai tak nampak bola dah over the line. Nasib baik bukan Subkidin...kalau tak malu la M'sia...hehe


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