04 November 2010

Rosy-mah IS NOT our First Lady, You F*****g Idiots!

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Constitutional law expert Dr Abdul Aziz Bari had criticised the Prime Minister's Department in charge of protocol for approving Rosmah, last month, to spearhead the 'First Ladies' summit in Kuala Lumpur which was attended by fifteen first ladies mostly from African nations, themed "A Child Today, a Leader Tomorrow". He was saying the Constitution clearly named the Raja Permaisuri Agong as the country's First Lady.

Earlier, prominent rights lawyer Malik Imtiaz Sarwar has questioned whether Rosmah had assumed the role of an "acting prime minister"?.
"Am confused. If PM unwell, shouldn't DPM be representing him/government, and not Rosmah? Or is she acting PM?" he asked.

Dr Mohd Hatta Ramli, who said that by allowing Rosmah to officiate at several functions during Najib's absence, he has not only violated protocol but shown his true colour with regards to his own ministers. Hatta added that protocol demanded that in the absence of the prime minister at an official ceremony, his deputy would take over his role, failing which, the relevant minister would be asked to officiate such events.

"If the minister could not make it, then the deputy minister. And if even the deputy minister is not available, his or her replacement would be the chief secretary or director general," said Hatta.

 p/s: Again, Rosmah Mansor who? Bloody Hell. Discourted a controversy? All hell breaks loose?

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