17 November 2010

Uncle Seek-Aisyah-love, eh? Or is it another way round?

Uh oh it's uncalled when it comes to say bad thing about 'rich & famous', honourable people doing such stupid, immoral thing? Yep, nothing wrong to fell in love with anybody you love but, hey! come on, the pictures say it all. Haven't you ever cross a saying of "Seeing is believing"? Hard to believe? Slander? OMG! How on earth you can't see their intimacy? Only the blind can't see it but still they must have feeling too. Just when it happened to involved our stunning looking ex-Queen our people are fast to deny it. They even call the story was a make-up, malicious, a slander? Many stand to her defense to hold up her 'good' reputation & the Selangor royal institution? Some come up with an absurd idea of it's against the Islamic teachings in revealing other's scandalous, undoing? 'Aib' so they call it! WTF! Everyone owns up to his/her doing & undoing, so please, accept it as it was whether it was good or else!

Is it too good to be true? She was - or still is? - in love with that bloke, we can say that for sure. On what planet are you living they both are just friends? By the look of her face on those photos - superimposed? hell no! - they've had gone far from many others - big fans of her - would like to deny. It was that serious a relationship. You can bet on it! Yes, that Uncle must have something up his sleeve to reveal his love story? His ghost story was a hit to many, wasn't it? Sorry, spare me! Yawn!

p/s: My bet, she has lose it. Not him! It! What? No no not her virginity, chill out! I meant she was so in love with him. Really crazy in that particular period that like they both were meant together, supposed to be & surely she would have lost control of herself as she was drown deep in sea of LOVE .


  1. Salam Yob Hanz, teman dah gi blog mamat ni, merapu meraban! Tak tau lah Permaisuri ni dah bonker ke sbb tak kenal dia dan peribadi dia tapi tak comey ahh Mamat ni basuh suar dalam kat tepi jalan! Dia ni yang dah off rasa Yong.

  2. Ye kita tak nak le ngagak yang bukan bukan. Tu deme punye pase le dengan tuhan, yer tak Kak Yong? Tapi kite kene pecaye le deme boleh jatuh cinte. Manusiye le katekan. Cam mane boleh jadi tu mesti le ade puncenye. Entoh le si uncle tu pun memang le macam muke pecoh ghumoh aje tapi jangan denye buat tak elok kat ex-permaisuri, udoh le. Entoh entoh denye nak ngugut si Ecah & kluarge diye kot? Senang duit le ghope tu.


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