30 October 2011

FAM Mungkin Larang Maria Beraksi... Grunting Is Too Sexual, Eh?

Question: Grunting players are spoiling the tennis game?


Female tennis players who grunt too loudly are putting off their opponents and spoiling the game for the millions of spectators, the head of Wimbledon says. Former Wimbledon ace, Boris Becker, thinks that women tennis players should be banned from grunting. It can’t be healthy, he says, and it’s unbecoming. Boris Becker who doesn't have a reputation for prudishness but he complained that the way women tennis stars grunt during matches is too sexual. Not something one would expect such a notorious ladies man to grumble about, but presumably, he feels that everything has its time and place. Center court is for playing tennis, and if anyone wants to grunt, they should go elsewhere, such as a broom closet.

"I'm amazed whenever I watch Serena Williams and Maria Scharapova," he carped, referring to the Russian star who's been called as noisy as a light aircraft. "I can't help thinking it's bad for their vocal chords. It can't be healthy and it can't go on.Grunting serves no athletic purpose and should be banned," said the three-time Wimbledon champ." insisted Becker.
In Maria Sharapova some claim she yells that exceeds 100 decibels and currently holds the record as the loudest woman in tennis. Many want her to stop screaming as they accuse her grunting. They say she used to cross the line with her 'sexy' voice.For those listening to her match via a radio or online streaming it is intolerable. They assume the volume of her screaming not just irritating her opponent but perhaps intentionally to break her opponent concentration.

The criticism apparently fell on deaf ears where Svetlana Kuznetsova and Caroline Wozniacki seemed might as well have been competing for the loudest grunt. Notably, Wozniacki's and Kutznetsova's grunts were virtually indistinguishable.Victoria Azarenka, of Belarus, is now catching up with the rest, when lately notches up to 95 decibels on sound level recording equipment.
    "I seriously had to turn the sound down last night as it sounded like a porno flick when i went to the toilet and heard it from another room" say a makcik in Putrajaya(?) 

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Wimbledon 2011: grunting tennis players are spoiling the game

But by the same token, some people do see it as a non-starter at all. Unconcern & happy as per usual. Here are some "natural and unbiased" comments all around the world:

  1. Many males can't stand to watch women tennis anymore without getting an erection. All that grunting and moaning makes it sound like a porno without the bad movie.
  2. The players might be getting turned on playing with the balls. And that is natural as they like to let it all out.
  3. Some spectators don't complain much as they looked on amused, not only at the volume but also the length of the roars, which exceeded 1.5 seconds almost every time she hit the ball.
  4. Some television listeners might have to mute the sound and just appreciate the quality of the play. For those radio listeners just dance to the tune or leave.
  5. They want To get higher ratings.
  6. One claims she can hit someones balls and no grunt and moan play any part?
  7. Duh! lol of course its only natural. Maybe they are just practicing which grunts and moans are good to use in bed... lmfao
  8. I don't care. Women tennis is simply more exciting than the men game.
  9. Dunno, I noticed it only happens to the women wearing panties.
  10. Apparently it's one of their tricks to put the other player off.
  11. Bang on mate. Women do it erotically like but some men do grunt, right?
  12. Really inspirational to others!

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