10 October 2011

Live the life as it is. Change if you want to.

The Budget 2012, some might say, is out of this world? It sounds, at least on paper, very astounding, albeit, it is too good to be true. It could amazed our people nationwide. Really??? Wohaa, I'm just gonna do a couple of laps round my garden with my t-shirt over my head in celebration.. hohoho...forget it. As much i'd like to do it, my knees beckons & won't allow me to do such thing. You know, i'm not stunned at all. But yeah I don't wanna be unduly negative about the Budget 2012 but i'll be trying to be realistic. I do hope, we the average people, gain all the benefits and the plan hits the ground running. We'll soon see if it's not an one-off gift of "General Election's lollipops". We're no fool, aren't we? 

It's just that normal people want some warranty in life. It’s very true that when you have gone through the roughs & toughs in life, or, having any serious problem like a life-threaten injury or a serious illness, you tend to think more about life and it makes you grow as a person. What i'm gonna portraying is that when something happens that threatens people's perceived future it has a habit of making they reassess that perceived future. With all the living condition; hardship, suffer, loneliness, uncertainties and whatnots, along the way it's just how tenuous future life really is and we hope we have plenty of time to reflect on it. So, please, thread us well, not like we're some kinda filth! The people are worth their weights in salt, you know!   

It's so true some people have to realise that spitting the dummy out of the pram is not the way to go. Not for all the time! But getting the head down and working hard at developing their craft surely is. Nevertheless, we are allowed to critic if it's wrong or correct things up if somehow we know it's going to fail. Just be fair & open in our views to others. In all honesty, i'm not tending to lessen the merit or reputation of a person or thing unless it is all there for us to see - obvious, proven wrong, likewise. In the past i must admit i have got it wrong, so, i'd sincerely apologise to all those quarters. No, no, i'm gonna be an "Independent guy" like some irratating MPs do. I'll say it once & for all - i'll call a spade, a spade.. as it is, no more, no less! 


  1. Salam Yob,

    The gomen can distribute whatever candy or sweets all they want, we won't bite.

  2. Hehehe...defo, not to us. We, Melayu yg tak pernah lupa, won't buy this b******t nomore. hohoho


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