08 October 2011

Malaysia Telah Mengejutkan Dunia Bolasepak

Australia romp to 5-0 win over Malaysia
CANBERRA — Australia romped to a comprehensive 5-0 win over Malaysia in an international football friendly in Canberra on Friday.
The Socceroos, who led 4-0 at halftime, were never worried after Luke Wilkshire opened the scoring with a simple tap-in in just the third minute of the match.
Australia were using the game to tune up ahead of Tuesday's World Cup qualifier against Oman in Sydney but coach Holger Osieck would have learned little following a toothless display from the outclassed visitors.
The Malaysians seemed star-struck in the first 45 minutes as the home side controlled the ball at will, enjoying a glut of possession and territory.
With little defensive pressure being applied the Socceroos peppered the Malaysian goal and were only denied by the good work of goalkeeper Khairul Fahmi.
However it was only a matter of time before the defence cracked again and the Socceroos went 2-0 up in the 33rd minute when Josh Kennedy struck after a good through ball from Neil Kilkenny.
Kernnedy turned provider for Alex Brosque six minutes later, before grabbing his second during stoppage time.
The Malaysians were much improved in the second half, denying the Australians the room they had in the first period, but they never looked like troubling the Socceroos' defence.
It took until the 69th minute before they finally conceded again, Alex Brosque scoring his second and Australia's fifth with a fine individual strike that beat the goalkeeper at the near post.
"It was a very good performance tonight," Australian captain Lucas Neill said.
"We knew if we could score an early goal the game would open up and that's exactly the way it played out.
"The boys played very well tonight," he added.
"They took their chances and have given the manager a nice selection headache now, and we have to keep doing that.
"Strength in depth is important because we've got a lot of big games coming up."
Even Rooney said so about Barcelona, the Catalan, who have been widely lauded for their slick tiki-taka passing, but Rooney believes it is Barca's ability to defend as a unit which has made them such a fearsome force!

"I think when you watch Barcelona a lot of people go on about their passing and the skills and how they keep the ball," 


  1. Salam hanz, cpj malas nak komen banyak2, cukuplah kalau cpj kata perbandingan pemain kita dengan pemain Australia dari segi pembangunan dan perkembangan individunya ibarat handphone nokia 3310 dengan blackberry 9900.Adalah sorang berdua yang boleh bersaing...tapi keseluruhannya, Maaflah kalau cpj letakkan jarak yang terlalu jauh, tapi itulah kenyataannya...dari segi pencapaian, Australia sekarang ranking 20an dunia, Malaysia berapa ye?

  2. Waalaikum salam Cpj... sedih! Tak sanggup teman nak tengok game tu sampai habis...takat habis 1st half aje. 2nd half mungkin ok kot?

    Perbandingan memang antara "langit & bumi" ler kot. Tu pun ada hati kita nak letak bolasepak sebagai Sukan Prestasi Tinggi? Yay..Alahai... keep yer on the ground, lah! Tu tak realistik...Cuba kita realistik sikit...mungkin kita akan lebih berjaya jika kita cuba dgn langkah2 asas yg lebih efektif, yer tak Cpj.

    Kita nak push it to another level...maju setingkat lagi..jangan level Asean lagi..tu pasal kita tgk team kita & kritik apa silap/kurang. Kalau main macam tu, memang kena main (titik) ler kita. Tapi kalau FAM tak mau, so be it! Lantak ler deme! hehe


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