10 May 2009

ISA? What do they say? What do we say?

All government leaders and officers may says that the ISA is not repressive but relevant to safeguard national security as we are still exposed to threats from militant groups, religious and racial extremists. They say that the ISA is aimed at rehabilitate and correcting detainees' understanding and ideology, not to punish individuals or groups.

Some foreign leaders may say with the ISA existence it means Malaysia is proactive as we don't not have to wait for many innocent Malaysian people to die before we start thinking to detain the perpetrators for two years without trial. They say we won't sacrifice the interest of more than 25 million people for the sake of a few people.

Some former ISA detainees may say that the ISA should be retained in view to protect innocent lives. They say the ISA have given them a second chance to return to the right path and be a better men. But some other former ISA detainees say that they would like many who are still languishing in detention, not knowing what crime they had committed, to be freed immediately. Enough is enough!

Family members of this ISA detainees say nothing but crying all the times but still keeping their faiths, hoping their beloved ones are to be allowed to go home soon.

All the opposition parties, some NGOs and various human rights groups from within and outside the country say that they stand up against this draconian law which has been abused so frequently to quell political dissent. They say that ethnicity and political alignment should not be the factors that determine prosecution. The human rights champions have pinned the ISA label it as draconian, inhumane and authoritarian.

Ever controversial Sister In Islam (SIS) says that the ISA clearly contradicts and brings disgrace to the international image of Malaysia, especially since Malaysia sits on the United Nations Human Rights Council. They wish to remind the government that the use of the ISA, which denies citizens the right to defend themselves in a court of law, is against the principles of democracy, good governance.

The Abolish ISA Movement (GMI) says that people lose their normal lives after being detained. Their families have been broken, with wives asking for divorce. Children have suffered from mental trauma and have had to receive psychiatric treatment. Furthermore, detainees are also abused while in detention.

Many more Malaysians now say that they want the draconian ISA to be abolished. They also want the government to reconsider the use of the ISA to detain anyone for whatever reason. Some quarters say the ISA is being misused to detain whoever threatens any UMNO leaders.

Various religious leaders say that they also condemn the ISA as being against the basic tenets of every faith.

Allright,guys! Hopefully we have only these to say....


Thank you!

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