13 October 2009

Apocalypse - just a thought

With so many disasters happened around the world i cannot help but wonder of what is really going on? What's wrong with our earth recently? Devastating earthquakes, tsunamis,  floods, hurricane, spiking global temperatures leaded me to come to predictions of how it will all end.
Let's us investigate this chilling correlation with an open mind and skeptical eye. The truthful Prophet, peace be upon him, once described ten signs of the Last Hour with authentic narrations. With no speculations or ambiguities, the matter of the Last Apocalypse is clear in the authentic texts of Islam.
"The last Hour will not come until you witness ten signs beforehand: the Smoke, the Antichrist, the Beat, the rising of the Sun from the west, the descent of Jesus, son of Mary; three tremors, one in the East and one in the West, and one in the Arabian peninsula. The last (sign) is a fire that will rage from Yemen heading people to the final gathering ground."
Many people delve into historical and spiritual materials as diverse as Revelations, the I Ching, the Islamic Hadith, and the Bible Code. Some revelations of the curious fact that  year 2012 has been pinpointed as a pivotal, perhaps cataclysmic, year in human history by ancient sources and contemporary science alike. The ancient Mayan Long Calendar, the source of the 2012 prophecies, with Mayan shamans confirm the 5,000-year-old vision. In a scientific research city in the heart of Siberia, some geophysicists contend that the solar system is moving into a highly charged interstellar energy cloud. Even many physicists and psychics are now trying to make sense of the fact that the earth’s magnetic field is vanishing.
We are indeed in a race against time. Chill out! Like we going to live hundred of years. In conclusion, we either just be ready for everything, or take it for granted. We cross the bridge when we come to it. One at a time, huh?


  1. APOCALYPSE 2012-Lawrence E. Joseph:The thesis of this book is that the year 2012 will be pivotal, perhaps catastrophic, possibly revelatory, to a degree unmatched in human history.

    1. Ancient Mayan prophecies based on two millennia of meticulous astronomical observations indicate that 12/21/12 will mark the birth of a new age, accompanied, as all births are, by blood and agony as well as hope and promise.

    2. Since the 1940’s, and particularly, since 2003, the Sun has behaved more tumultuously than any time since the rapid global warming that accompanied the melting of the last Ice Age. Solar physicists concur that solar activity will next peak, at record-setting levels, in 2012

  2. ramalan ni sapa-2 boleh buat berdasar pengamatan masing-2. Kita pun. Tambah lagi kita bbrp hadith menerangkan hal futuristik ni tapi caya ler tetap ia akan berlaku. Ada yg kata, tanda-2 kiamat dunia ni umpama biji-2 tasbih terlepas drp tali tasbihnya. Begitu cepat ia berlaku 1 per 1, umpama sekelip mata, tau-tau dah matahari terbit drp Barat.

  3. kejadian tsunami dan gempa bumi tu pulak adalah kiamat bagi sesiapa yang mengalaminya dan mati beberapa saat atau beberapa minit kemudiaan.Bagi mereka itu, berkatalah dalam hati mereka;"inilah kiamat yang telah dijanjikan, dan ianya datang dengan tiba-tiba".Beruntunglah bagi mereka yang ketika itu 'bersujud' dan 'bertasbih' memuji kebesaran Allah.

  4. ya, betul tu cpj. setiap akan bertemu 'kiamat' jua...in any way.


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