29 December 2009

From an Apostate's point of views: Good Reasoning or Led Astray?

Although those apostates were born & bred as a Muslim, the erosion of Islamic belief & system have started for long time, slowly and gradually, ever since their childhood. They'd have had followed their parents who prayed regularly, daily Qur’an recitation, observed fasting (Ramadan), performed Hajj at Mecca and follow other conventional rituals of Islam. Nonetheless, they were never fanatic Muslims. They also learned many Suras by reading Qur’an in Arabic. Some of the reasons i can gather for of benefits to all of us Muslims, are as below:
  1. They (the apostates), however, early on never understood the meaning of any word of Qur’an or suras, which used to bother them very much. Though practicing regular prayers but they did not attempt to read Qur’an because they didn't have any interest in something that they didn't understand. They couldn't conceive what being told about reading Qur’an without understanding the meanings, so they never read Qur’an. . 
  2. From their boyhood, they're very much inquisitive to know about the religion of  Islam.They'd wanted to know about the meaning of Allah, Prophet, and Angel etc. They've always got many questions on their mind & would be interested to ask about that to any Mullahs or scholars, but to no avail or the answers given never satisfied them, confusing or didn't met their rational thinking. They'd attended many religious sermons but would had a hard time digesting those stories about Islam and prophets, moreover on incredulous Islamic miracles & myths.
  3. What strange to them was that Islam and poverty goes hand in hand. For them, the poor people were always deeply religious, while the rich and affluent were mostly liberal or non-religiousfact. They blamed Allah to be flip-flop about this poverty and they just couldn't conceive the idea of testing imaan. The entire thing looked to them as incongruous and did not make any sense. (This is hardly a fact, & he let his broken heart clouded his mind of thinking of the basics in life. Why did he only focused this issue on his streets, why only in Bangladesh? The way life goes. people'd put their efforts to be rich. Hence, there're so many rich & good religious people around the world.)
  4. They convinced that many Muslims have a love-hate relationship with Islam. They claimed many Muslims didn't like those murderous, hateful and barbaric verses of the Koran, yet Muslims believed in the five pillars of Islam. It is just contradictory: all those five pillars of Islam are based on the Koran, so how could Muslims repudiate Koran in one hand while embracing it in another hand
  5. Many other ex-Muslims including ibn Warraq who criticised Islam for its savagery, barbarism, hatred, and cruelty. Their reason why they've to hide themselves is simply because our brothers in Islam would love to kill these apostates should some learn about their whereabouts. For them, that speaks of Islamic intolerance & Islam is fascistic.  
to be continued... 

p/s: This subject really interested me as i believed i was once on edge of becoming an apostate myself. The no. 3 reasoning was my love-hate with Islam & imaan. O' Allah! guide me through the darkness & place me along Your path.


  1. if you want to b sucsessfull in akhirat,u've to have knowledge.the knowledges include how to properly pray,recite quran n so on.if u want 2b sucsessfull in life on earth,u've to hv knowledge regardless field of study,science,engineering n so on.

  2. but i suggest that it is not not excuse not to create community which help poor ppl regardless of religion of the person.instead of helping ppl just like the way christian religious ppl do by giving money n shelter,i think i had a good idea.this idea came to me when i studied in germany.i suggest that we create a village.we do agriculture n the farmers are those poor ppl.every of them has small farming unit they are teached to do everything themselve n we also provide assistance.it is not like they are working but they have to figure out n use their brain potential.those vegetable can b sold to other vllagers.providing cheap bus transportation in the village reduce their expense.from my observation on germny goood public transportation does not mean fancy or high tech LRT,a simple bus can b good public transportation provided that the area are not highly populated.i can see that businees model from al-arqam is quite great albeit their belief.self consuming will help creating market.i think i will write in blog someday in great detail.but i rarely have time n the worse part i didnt do well in my study due to language barier.actually i'm tired to see that the only way to help poor ppl is giving them monye,why dont give themm a pair of feet.n furher more poor ppl are highly motivated to help themselve,the problem is they dont know how n they dont have same oppurtunitie.

  3. welcome rakuban

    cheers for sharing your concern & yours idea, personally, is a very good one. If only we were the men in power or with the correct authority/ the goverment bodies, i reckon we'd do it with ease. But we as individual must do our bit no matter how small the contribution. We can't just take it for granted & pass the matter to any islamic body. Like they care & serious all this while.

    i found this predicament of apostasy among us Muslims was becoming a sosial ill since ages ago when i was studing in KL in late early 90s. Many reasons lead some being astray from Allah's way, but let's concentrate on poverty among poor people. Because i strongly think if we not underline many ways to encounter poverty, this problem of apostasy'd be growing in numbers as time passing by.

    Your idea is to give them a supportive basic constant earning. At least, they'd have an ease of mind with no worry as they know they'd have enough money for living although they've to work for it. With this backing system, they'd grow their confidence in their own. They'd be interested in learning the Islamic tenets, o to sermons, etc. & can start becoming a grateful Muslims.
    Throwing cash won't be an absolute counter measure to such plight.

    we'll be writing more on this, late on. Thanks again!


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