04 May 2010

Police Abuse in My Otherwise Lovely Malaysia.

This is a crazy world. It sure was & still is. Wars is everywhere with the self-proclaimed U.S.A being the World Police to protect us against terrorists, cold-blooded international criminals and from any dangerous bad men. Ironically, they are obvious for all to see the New World Conqueror-cum-Intruders. What a shame.

Here in Malaysia, the police have warranted the people their good services in protecting us from any criminals, thefts and all sorts. They are like the heavenly saints who working around the clock, 24/7 with many at stakes. They always do their jobs & could quickly respond on any suspicious just to assure any bad things will never happen in our neighbourhood. That's why they keep the arguably repressive ISA Yet they are only human beings. They will make mistakes somehow, though far & a few, along the way. They have to admit  their wrongs & correct them up. That is how the civilised people do in keeping their integrity. End of.
What have happened to those allegedly being abused by the law enforcers particularly the policemen have dreaded many concerned Malaysians about the national security institution - jokingly labeled as Polis Raja Di Malaysia. Many have prompted forward & condemned some police's wrong doings. Some went unnoticed for some reasons known best to themselves. This police abuse, brutality & likes must stop NOW. 

The latest casualty of police wrong actions was the late Aminulrasyid bin Amzah. The list would go long if we jot all down . For a policeman, let alone their highest officer, to accuse or labeling the underaged 15-year-old boy with such criminal (penjenayah) was bad. Unacceptable by, again, majority of civilised people. Some freaks somehow consider it being patriotic to defend the allegedly bad cops' undoings. What crime of his was to have a bullet in his head? These people would buy any statements by the authority. They must be easily pleased (or being fooled) by the local media. Else, like they care at all? Enough is enough. Thanks to all the vivid memories of the past. Let's spank them for us to put our house in order. Bring the bad cops to trail. Justice must be preserve. The truth must prevail. For better Malaysia.

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