19 June 2010

It's a Utter Tripe, Mate. Rubbish! Bloody Idiots!

What's new? Nowt. Same old same old. The England football team are under the spotlight. Again. For a wrong headline. The English usual non-existence performance from underachievers, ironically stars-studded team, in a big tournament. They, dubbed as "world-class" players of their league, are obviously under-perform in current World Cup campaign.  

Yet again the Englishes, particularly, can only proud of their past. The Britons are really hopeful that football game is coming home (their mainland) in the year 2018 as they are seriously bidding for hosting the 21st World Cup. For a record, the last time they have any luck and tasted such a worldwide recognition was back in 1966 when they won their only World Cup at their own ground. Alas, today's generations are still a far cry for any triumphs in the Europe and world level. Yesterday's result which England could only managed to a goalless draw with the Algerians team, epitomised why, unless something change drastically in term producing good results on the pitch, they won't win this time World Cup. Hardly inspiring. Many players seemingly lost.  Purely tactical inept from their manager, Mr. Fabio Capello to successfully break the duck. Up front they were clueless to split their opponent's resilience. Plus, at times, bad control and movement of the ball in centre of the pitch. Terrible game indeed. Much to the despair for many glory hunters. The deluded fans. Right. Hooligans? Perhaps.

As many other proud Englishes (as picture below betokens?) are more realistic and aware of their chances before and, more practically the on-going campaign, after their first 2 games of their group matches in this 2010 South Africa's World Cup.They simply don't fancy winning the prestigious cup although there is still a slim chance if they can beat Slovenia and eventually going as runner-ups in their group. Then maybe Rooney's dream could come true as the round-16 looming and setting up nicely a meeting with the Germany.    

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